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Fringe Episode 1: Pilot

So it seems that being disappointed in the series premiere of Fringe is the popular thing to do this week if you write about television.  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t watch the leaked video several weeks ago, or maybe it’s just that I try not to get overly excited about any new show, but I thought it was a decent first episode.  It’s always going to be difficult to introduce a cast of characters and make us care about them, even when the network gives you twice as long (95 minutes with limited commercials) to do it.

I think the cast has a decent chemistry, and I was pleasantly surprised by Joshua Jackson’s performance as Peter.  My only real complaint about the show so far is that the score seems to have been pulled directly from an episode of Lost.  Michael Giacchino is the composer for both shows, but it seems silly that he couldn’t come up with something more unique for the tense moments than the exact same strings that Losties are so familiar with.


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