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No plot summaries here

There are countless places on the web to get the detailed information about the shows you’re interested in.  Personally, I recommend FutonCritic,, IMDB, and of course Wikipedia.  That said, I didn’t start this blog to provide comprehensive information on plots, casts, or other minutia.  The goal here is to share my quick opinions about the shows I watch, and ideally to start some conversations via the comments.

If you have any other great tv resources online, I’d love to hear about them.

UPDATE 4/10/2009: Here I am seven months later, and I have made a definite turn away from quick opinions and toward more in-depth recap and analysis.  Ultimately, this fulfills my original goal, which was to have a blog that allows me to write about things I’m passionate about.  I’ll still be writing short posts when it feels appropriate, but for shows like Lost, I want to provide a thorough recap in order to frame my thoughts, analysis, and speculation.


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