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The Mentalist Episode 1: Pilot

Know-it-all smartass is probably the simplest way to describe Patrick Jane, the central character in this new CBS drama.  I definitely like the idea of an investigator who outwits his suspects, rather than simply using unbelievable technology or relying on murderers who are stupid enough to get caught.

The biggest issue facing this show may be its time slot.  It is going up against the Dancing with the Stars juggernaut as well as the new scifi show Fringe.  I like to think that with DVRs penetrating more homes that time slot isn’t a big deal anymore, but I know that the reality is most tv watchers don’t spend the kind of time I do seeking out new shows and planning recordings to avoid DVR conflicts.

Time slot aside, the first episode was stronger than many pilots so far this year, and I would definitely say it’s worth a look.  I’m sure you could hop on at episode two with no problem, but if you’re a completist, you can catch the first episode on or you could always find a commercial free high quality download via the Googles.


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