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The Office Season 5 Episodes 1-2: The Weight Loss

There is something especially satisfying about a great show staying great.  Tonight’s season premiere included all of the best classic elements from The Office–Michael being inappropriate, Dwight giving outlandish orders, Angela treating people like shit, Kelly being ridiculously vain and much more.

Spoilers follow…

Having Pam head off to New York could have been a really easy way for the writers to keep making us wait for the moment we were anticipating through all of season four.  I’m so glad they didn’t.  Instead, we got a genuinely touching moment between Jim and Pam in the most unlikely of proposal locations.  I’m dually ashamed and elated to tell you I was actually surprised by the moment.  Despite my penchant for guessing the outcomes of most shows I watch, sometimes I get lost in the experience and I turn off the deduction part of my brain and just enjoy.  What I’m not ashamed to tell you is that I got quite weepy at the moment Jim proposed.  Not tears-rolling-down-the-face weepy, but definitely blurry-vision-wipe-the-eyes weepy.


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