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Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 1: You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow

So I didn’t spend all summer thinking about what happened during the five year leap forward that Desperate Housewives pulled at the end of the fourth season.  In fact, it really felt like a lame, gimmicky way to end the strike shortened season.  It was as if the writers were sitting around and someone said, “Hey, I know, since we didn’t get to play out the story arcs we originally planned, we should totally blow this shit out of the water in the last five minutes of the season by skipping ahead in time and messing with EVERYTHING!”

That said, one episode in, I actually like where this is headed.  Neal McDonough is a great addition to the cast, and the leap forward in time could end up being exactly what the series needed to move in a new direction.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I was getting tired of watching Gaby think of no one but herself, Lynette raise her kids with hardly any help from Tom, Bree never getting her comeuppance, and Susan as nothing more than a series of pratfalls and sight gags.  I just hope the creators don’t squander these new possibilities.


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