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Fringe, Episode 4: The Arrival

There are two things I love about Fringe so far.  First, the announcement of how long the commercial breaks are going to be makes watching on the DVR a breeze thanks to my 30-second-skip button. (If you haven’t noticed, the break that doesn’t announce a length is usually 2:30 or so.)  Second, I’m really enjoying the conscious decision that has been made by J.J. Abrams and company to make the pseudo-science in the show particularly unglamourous.  So many shows stretch so far into the ridiculous by having a chrome or brushed aluminum machine for every possible problem.  Not so with Fringe.  Tonight’s interrogation device appeared to be nothing more than a glorified car battery with nasal jumper cables.  It’s kind of like a MacGuyver spinoff that way.


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  1. exellent show, I tuned in because I am a huge Lost fan and I am pleasanlty satisified, Alias was good as well.

    Comment by thesoulofthecreator | September 30, 2008

  2. Definitely loving the cobbled-together feel of the Fringe gadgets. Also, I have to admit that the 3D scene location text is really slick. That’ll be standard and mundane in a year but right now I love it!

    Comment by David | September 30, 2008

  3. The mystery continues to expand on Fringe and I’m guessing that The Observer holds the key to understanding The Pattern or at least part of it.

    I’m still banking on there being something “special” about Peter. Something more than his near death experience as a child. Is it coincidence that Peter unknowingly knew information Walter hadn’t shared? Is there something more to their relationship? Are they connected in a different way than most fathers and sons?

    Peter’s mom was mentioned again, but only in the fact that Walter considered her small-minded and that she questioned Walter’s judgment (I can’t imagine why).

    And who did Peter call when he was planning on bailing on Walter responsibilities?

    Did anyone else think that Olivia’s reaction when she heard Henry Jacobson was a little weird? But when they met she acted like it was a pleasure to see him. And then he advises her to stay away from the cylinder. Was that because he was worried about her or was it a warning?

    Favorite parts:

    Walter reciting the formula for root beer at 3 a.m. because he might want to make some in the lab.

    Walter sending Peter out in a hurry for aluminum because their lives depend on it and then asking him to stop off and pick him up a root beer float.

    Walter likes to talk to Peter naked because he prefers the breeze.

    Comment by vacelts | September 30, 2008

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