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For Minnie, who got me addicted to television

As it turns out, the lack of new posts since last week has nothing to do with me losing interest in the new blog, but rather the hospitalization of my grandmother.  It’s not her real name, but we have called her Minnie ever since my little brother called her that once as a toddler.  Minnie had some severe back pain last week, and her husband wisely called 911.  After two days of tests, they discovered two major blockages and decided to perform heart surgery.  The procedure went well on Friday (a triple bypass) and Minnie is well on the road to recovery.

The reason I’m even mentioning this here is that I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandmother for the last several days.  As I sat with her in the hospital, I realized that she probably has more to do with my love of television and movies than anyone else.  Minnie lived with us when I was between the ages of 6 and 13, and I’m just now starting to realize how large an impact she had on me.  We spent countless hours watching great shows like Cheers, The Cosby Show, and more movies than I can count.  

I’ve realized in the past few years that while it may have seemed annoying at the time to share a bathroom with a woman in her sixties, I gained an amazing perspective that all the other kids my age completely missed out on.  I understand now why some cultures put so much value on the three-generation household, although I’m not sure that means I’m going to sign up to have my mother live with us when Michelle and I have kids someday.

All that said, I couldn’t be happier that the surgery went so well and that Minnie is recovering so quickly.  I’m forever grateful to the woman who introduced me to the glory of the small screen–how it can delight us, anger us, make us laugh, and sometimes even reduce a cynic like me to tears.  Thank you Minnie, and I’m glad you’re still here.


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  1. That is beautiful….you’re a great kid!
    Love, Mom

    Comment by Your Mom | October 6, 2008

  2. You had your mother and I in tears reading this and we will be reading it to her tomorrow. Love to you both…equally.

    Comment by Beth Johnson | October 6, 2008

  3. Very nice!

    Comment by Gracie | October 6, 2008

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