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Breaking News – Hollywood depriving actors of refreshment

My wife Michelle did something terrible last Thursday.  While we were watching Grey’s Anatomy, she pointed out how lame it was the when McDreamy and McSteamy got coffee in front of the hospital and their cups were so obviously void of any liquid.

Now I have known for a while that actors don’t really drink or eat most of the stuff we see them holding on screen.  I guess the producers are worried their precious talent will get too fat, choke on a danish, or have cappuccino foam on the tip of their nose during a crucial moment.  

Seriously people, can you at least put some fucking water in the cup so it has some weight?  At least then the actors would have to be moderately realistic when putting the cup to their lips or carrying it around.  I’m tired of seeing actors graciously accept a fresh cup of coffee, then proceed to swing it around like there are three sips left.

I say all this simply to call your attention to this innocent little detail so you can now experience what I have since Thursday.  Tonight’s episode of Dexter had a really good scene between Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits, but thanks to Michelle, all I could pay attention to was their obviously empty coffee cups. Let me know what fake drinking or eating you spot so I can look for it too.


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