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House Season 5 Episode 6: Joy

I’m over the moon for House.  The show and main character.  I know it may seem like I rarely post negative commentary about the shows I watch, but good television makes me want to write.  

Tonight’s episode was a classic–here come the spoilers.

I really enjoyed that this episode didn’t start with someone passing out during the intro.  The whole ‘creepy music/extreme close-up/what the fuck is going on?’ vibe was one of the better hooks that the show has used in a very long time.  The medical mystery was a great one, especially the way the daughter patient’s kidney donation dovetailed with the story about Cuddy preparing to be a mother.  Our closer look at Thirteen’s depraved street life was also nice, but not as nice as the huge laugh I got from Taub’s totally awkward cocaine buy.  

Finally we have the House/Cuddy storyline.  Like House, I’m selfish and therefore glad Cuddy didn’t get her baby.  She needs to concentrate on taking care of House and cleaning up his messes, which doesn’t leave time to change diapers.  I’m a fan of the long-awaited kiss, and also thrilled that it didn’t lead to an immediate jump into the sack.  I’m hopeful that this development will add another dimension to their relationship, not end it.  Obviously House’s past relationships have not ended well, but I think this one could bring new life to a series that has risked a lot with all the cast shake-ups in the past 18 months.

House Quote of the Week: “There are plenty of babies in the sea.  The world is full of teenage boys riding bareback.”

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  1. Love House. But I’m not sure how I felt about the kissyface…almost felt odd, like they’re related. But I’ll wait and see. I just hope there’s not a love triangle with Wilson loving Cuddy–too much if so.

    Comment by CK | October 28, 2008

  2. […] gone. This leads us to Cuddy’s departure, and the moment we’ve been waiting for since episode six this season. After episode six, I said I was glad that House and Cuddy didn’t jump in the […]

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