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Grey’s Anatomy – Out with Hahn, in with Roslin

So Grey’s Anatomy has fired Brooke Smith, meaning Erica Hahn will be leaving the show, ending the budding lesbian relationship with Callie Torres.  I can’t say I’m sad.  Call me strange, but all I can think of every time Smith is on screen is her role in Silence of the Lambs.  (Think: “Hey mister, I got your dog!”)

I had a feeling this was coming when I read this update about Mary McDonnell joining the show as a new cardio surgeon.  It’s not like a network medical show to have two docs with the same specialty.  My tip for McDonnell’s new character, Dr. Dixon?  Whatever you do, don’t stop in a dark parking lot to help a strange looking disabled man with a speech impediment load furniture into his windowless van.


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