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House Season 5 Episode 7: The Itch

I’ll skip the part of the post where I talk about how this was yet another solid episode of House.  Oh, too late.  On to the spoliers!

I’m happy to see that no one tried to pretend the kiss didn’t happen, and that the writers didn’t make us wait an extra episode for anyone to talk about it.  On the contrary, we got some great back-and-forth courtesy of Wilson’s lame attempts to talk to Cuddy about “The Kiss”.  I love the way Cuddy totally made an ass of Wilson twice.  My personal favorite was when she suggested they forgo a dinner date and go straight on to full sex.

As for the case, I think the patient freaking out and ripping out his own central line is by far the best grossout/freakout moment on House this season.  I also enjoyed the intestinal flamethrower. Aside from that, while I enjoyed the novelty of working out of the patient’s home, the case was the least interesting part of this episode.

Allow me to be the first to say thank you to the producers/writers for refocusing Cameron and Chase.  It was great to have them central to the plot of an episode, and not just a tacked-on afterthought.  I really enjoyed it when Cameron reminded Chase that while she chose to leave House’s team, he actually got fired.  I found their relationship discussion very interesting.  It made me wonder how much Chase’s argument about Cameron not letting him in might have been rooted in their ill-fated off screen romance that ended last year.

It was funny to hear Cuddy act as the voice of the fans when she told Wilson to trust her, that everyone would be happier if she and House don’t get together.  I don’t like that House wussed out on going to see Cuddy at the end of the episode, but I love they way they cut between the shots of his agoraphobic patient gaining the courage to go outside at the same time House was deciding to go home alone.

Here are two nominees for the House quote of the week, I’ll let you decide which is best:

In response to Wilson’s questions about how far he and Cuddy went–“I’ve got a chart with all the bases on it, I’ll walk you through it later.”

Regarding the bloody bandage on his hand–“That’s weird, I usually don’t get the stigmata until Easter.”


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