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House Season 5 Episode 8: Emancipation

Overall a disappointing episode of House with a slight silver lining in the closing minutes.


The only really interesting thing going on in tonight’s episode had nothing to do with the case, but rather with Foreman actually growing a pair of nuts.  After more than four years taking orders from House, Foreman learned that he could actually stand up and make a decision for himself instead of asking permission from House or Cuddy.  I just can’t believe it took him this long to learn the lesson that House demonstrates every week!

I did especially enjoy Foreman’s House-like moment when he left Cameron and Chase in mid-sentence wondering what he had just figured out.

Foreman scored the funniest line of the night with, “I’ve looked down one end and back up the other and everything came back clean.”

However, with a serious turn, House takes the trophy for best line of the night.  It came at the end of the episode when Wilson was assuring House that it wasn’t a risk to the boy’s life when House delayed involvement to give Foreman a chance.  Wilson’s asserted House knew that Foreman would have the answer in time to save the patient.  “Did I?” was all House said, but it spoke volumes for me.  It was the first real moment of self-doubt I have ever seen from the infallible Dr. House.  Well done.


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  1. I too was disappointed with this episode.

    Comment by Michelle | November 19, 2008

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