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House Season 5 Episode 10: Let Them Eat Cake

I didn’t care much for the patient this week, but it was refreshing to learn more about Thirteen’s background.  After years of never learning more than basic details about House’s lackeys, it’s great to see the show mixing it up.  

On the relationship front, I’m not buying the disappointing end of the episode.  At this point I think it’s only a matter of when they get together and not if.  I’m 100% ready for a House/Cuddy diddlefest, although I realize I’m probably in the minority.  Why you ask?  Tonight’s episode was a great example of how more screen time with both House and Cuddy results in more great dialogue, as well as more dialogue about House’s balls.

House about this week’s patient: “Muscles and curves, my penis is so confused.”

House attempting to disrupt Cuddy’s phone call: “Have you seen my balls?  The giant one and the red one.”

Great wink at the audience by Cuddy: “Everyone knows this is going somewhere”

House referring to Cuddy’s breasts: “Can you leave these?”


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  1. (S01E05) I started watching this episode, waiting for Jane to do his stuff. Since The Mentalist previewed, I have enjoyed Jane’s antics and

    Comment by the mentalist seeing red | December 11, 2008

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