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nip/tuck Season 5 Episode 15: Ronnie Chase

So I just watched the long-awaited premiere of the second half of nip/tuck season five, and I feel like it was worth the wait.  There aren’t many shows that can make me feel okay about waiting a year and a half between new episodes.  In fact at this point I’m just hopeful that 24 and Rescue Me can give me the same feeling once they start up again.

Spoilers follow.

The visual style of nip/tuck has always drawn me in, and this episode was no exception.  They continually demonstrate their skill by shooting and editing scenes in a way that really makes the viewer feel what the characters are feeling.  While I’ve never had a mammogram myself, I feel like I understand more about how cold, awkward, and ultimately painful the experience must be after watching this episode.  Speaking of painful, the makeup artists for nip/tuck better be making good money, because things like Christian’s post-op boob make me wonder if I’m watching a documentary.

The visual experience is only enhanced by the musical selections.  As soon as I heard the opening notes to Backstabbers at the beginning of the episode, I remembered why I love this show so much.

Christian gets the line of the night with, “Shaft had tit cancer?”


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  1. Ok the spoilers weren’t too bad – I haven’t watched it yet – waiting on Mike to get back from LA.
    We watched all of the first part of the season last week in 2 days since Mike had not seen any of them…

    Comment by Gracie | January 8, 2009

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