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Lost Season 5 Episode 6: 316

This may seem strange for a guy who writes almost exclusively about television shows, but I’ve actually been too caught up enjoying the fifth season of Lost to even think about writing about it.

I’m not going to rehash the first five episodes here for two reasons: 1) By now anyone who cares should already know what happened, and 2) I’m still processing the episodes in my mind and have saved them on the DVR so I can re-watch them later to catch anything I may have missed.

Cue the spoilers…

Tonight’s episode gave us exactly what we’ve been waiting for–Jack and the gang back on the island.  Obviously how much of the gang remains to be seen, but I think they all probably made it just fine.  I’d love it if the island would not let Ben come back or just plain kill him, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

My two big questions coming into this episode surrounded two people–Desmond and Lapidus.  Ever since we heard that “everyone” had to go back, I’ve been wondering just who that includes.  Certainly Baby Aaron is a question mark as well, but I really just don’t care about him.  Yes I know some people think he’s the key to everything, but I’m not one of them.  I think Desmond, Penny, and Baby Charlie are the real keys to everything.  So how is Desmond going to get back, and will Penny/Baby Charlie come too?  My thought is he’ll get back to the island on the sailboat just like he got there in the first place, and Penny/Baby Charlie will be along for the ride.  

As for Frank Lapidus, I was starting to get a little pissed that he was just being left out this year, so I shouted a big “Yes! Lapidus!” when he made his announcement from the cockpit on Ajira Flight 316.  I’m not sure if he survived the flash, but I’m at least happy that the island brought Lapidus along for the ride.

When I think about it, I’m really amazed at the power Lost seems to have over me.  It is the only current show that leaves me feeling at once satisfied, amazed, confused, and hungry for another episode each and every week.  I’ll be honest and admit the series hasn’t always had this affect on me (I’m looking at you Tailies), but ever since ABC agreed to an end date for the show, it has been like a full-on race to the finish.  I’m going to keep on running as fast as I can to keep up.

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