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An Open Letter to Grey’s Anatomy

Dear Grey’s Anatomy,

Do you remember premiere night in September 2006?  When our hopes for the new season were high and it felt like anything could happen?  I miss those days.

My wife and I did not start watching Grey’s until the summer of 2006.  Up to that point, I had heard about you, but hadn’t paid much attention due to my old bias against shows that premiered at mid-season.  Once the summer tv doldrums arrived, I decided to check out this show I’d heard so much buzz about.  We were hooked after one episode, and we couldn’t watch the first two seasons fast enough.  In fact, after watching the first 36 episodes marathon style, it really sucked waiting for season three to begin.

If only I could feel that way about you again.  Starting with all the off-screen drama around Isaac Washington and T.R. Knight, it seemed that less and less attention was being paid to making the on-screen drama worth watching each week.  I realize now I should have seen the end in sight when your sister show Private Practice was announced in Spring 2007.  But like an abused spouse, I just kept convincing myself that everything would be okay, you really cared about me, and we would recapture the magic we once had.

I was wrong.  It just got worse as Private Practice struggled and got more attention from your creator than it deserved.  There were a few sweet moments, and I decided to cut you some slack due to the writer’s strike.  That slack seemed to payoff when you rewarded me and other faithful viewers with a run of episodes to end season four that culminated in a classic two part finale–in fact I think they were the best two episodes since Denny died.

I can hardly bring myself to talk about season five–I mean did you seriously think I would be entertained by Izzie fucking Denny’s ghost?  I cannot believe that the high point of season five looks like it will be Mark Sloan’s broken dick.  Although, maybe at this point it’s appropriate that I would associate you with that kind of pain.

Ultimately I’m just disappointed in you, and that’s why I felt compelled to write this letter.  I used to watch you ‘on the night’, the highest honor for television shows in my house.  Now you’re lucky if I’ve watched your latest installment before the weekend is over.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m going to demote you to the other DVR that isn’t even attached to the big screen television.

The only way I can think to end is with a final question for you: What is it like to be on the downward slope of television greatness?


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