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Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 18: A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.

I don’t normally post about Desperate Housewives, but while catching up on the last couple episodes, I felt compelled to call bullshit on a lame plot device they used.  Spoilers ahead.

So we found out that Crazy Dave (played brilliantly by Neal McDonough) has been nursing a serious grudge against Mike for killing his wife and daughter.  Now we learn that he plans to get his revenge not by killing Mike, but by killing Katherine, the new love of Mike’s life.  Lucky for them Edie has been doing some digging and is about to get a fax with a newspaper clipping revealing that Mike was driver of the other car in the accident that destroyed Dave’s life.  Cue the bullshit.

As Dave, Mike, and Katherine are on the road heading toward the cabin for their camping trip, Edie receives a fax, but Oh No!  She’s out of paper!  Good thing modern multifunction printers like Edie’s Brother MFC-790CW can print on regular paper and don’t require anything special for faxes.  Despite this simple obstacle, the plot relies upon Edie thinking she needs special “fax” paper to refill the machine.  Even after she buys the special “Plain Fax Paper”, she decides to leave it on the counter next to the machine and hang out with Mrs. McCluskey, despite the incessant beeping and message that there is one fax waiting.  All of these delays serve just one purpose, to postpone her text message to Dave until the last possible second, so the alert sound can cause him to just barely miss the kill shot intended for Katherine.

Let’s put aside all of the ridiculous disregard for current technology in this plot and remember something practical.  Edie is a cutthroat real estate agent.  Does anyone really believe she would let a fax wait in the queue for an entire day when it could be an offer with a short deadline in the midst of a shitty real estate market?  At least she died for being so stupid–I hope.


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Friday Night Lights Picked Up for 26 More Episodes

Good news for fans of Friday Night Lights–Michael Ausiello with Entertainment Weekly says we should be getting an announcement any day now (link followers beware spoilers on other shows) about a deal for two more 13 episode seasons, following the same model as the current season.  I guess Universal is enjoying that sweet DirecTV cash.  

The bad news is that it sounds like Lyla and Tyra won’t be around for long.  However, after the excellent sendoff that we saw for Smash and Street this year, I feel good that the girls will at least get to go out in style.

UPDATE: It’s official, here’s the press release.

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