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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Six Weeks In

I’ve been watching Jimmy Fallon’s show for several weeks now, and so far it’s just sort of there.  While I’m really enjoying the inclusion of geek culture on the show, I’m concerned that too many of the jokes and bits just aren’t funny.  I’m hopeful that Jimmy’s timing and material will improve as he finds his groove, but one thing is certain–they have got to do a better job of eliminating the bits that just aren’t working.  

Slow Jam the News and Lick for Ten have been good, but Letters Home just plain sucks and needs to die.  As for 7th Floor West, Jimmy’s play on The Hills, I think this is exactly the kind of material he needs to keep zeroing in on.  Skewing younger by referencing The Hills is exactly what can set Late Night apart from some of the competition.

The best part of the show, and most consistent to this point, has been the music.  The Roots are far and away the best house band I’ve ever seen on television, and the musical guests have been great.  The good news for Jimmy is that with most of NBC’s programming sucking ass, and Lorne Michaels behind him, there’s no way he’s getting the boot any time soon.


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