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Fringe Episode 17: Bad Dreams

After an ill-timed hiatus and a so-so return episode last week, Fringe is back on the tracks with this week’s Bad Dreams.

No need for a full recap here, though if you’re looking for that I would recommend a trip to for everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about the show.  Plus cool posts like this clip of The Observer at a Yankees game.

Overall, I think this was a return to the kind of episode that got me hooked on Fringe to begin with.  We had a real life-and-death mystery that was directly related to Olivia, and while we got some answers by the end of the episode, we were ultimately left wanting to know more.  The same thing happened with Walter this week–We got to see Walter get way too excited about the prospect of seeing Pippin on Broadway, and we also learned that he was directly involved with the experiments that were done on Olivia (Olive) as a child.

I understand that FOX decided to bench their best new show for two months so they could give us two hours of American Idol on Tuesdays, but I think it was a mistake.  I mean, at what point do you start to reduce the amount of time devoted to your flagging juggernaut in favor of an up and coming show with more promise than anything you’ve premiered since House in 2004?  At this point, I hope FOX doesn’t make a big mistake and cancel the show.  We’ll find out for sure when they host their upfronts on May 18, and I’m optimistic considering the list of shows with worse ratings that have already been renewed at FOX (Hell’s Kitchen, Family Guy, The Simpsons) and other networks (Heroes, Private Practice, The Office).  

Either way, I’m not too worried. If the show is cancelled, I think J.J. Abrams will find another way to reveal the truth of The Pattern to the fans.


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  1. Thanks for the FringeTelevision shout-out! I can’t wait for the up-fronts either…

    Comment by Adam Morgan | April 25, 2009

    • It’s a great site. My goal is not to get real deep in any one show here, so I’m always happy to find other sites that really dig into the mythology behind great shows like Fringe.

      Comment by kingoftelevision | April 26, 2009

  2. The show is coming back, not to worry.

    Cerveris has the best job in showbiz right now … getting flown around to the best live events that Fox has and appearing on camera? I could do that part.

    I’m really looking forward to him doing more acting on the show, though.

    He IS a Tony Award winner, after all.

    Comment by Joe Bua | April 26, 2009

    • I certainly hope they’ve seen fit to give us more information about The Observer before the end of season one. You’re right, Michael Cerveris is way too talented to be stuck with no lines for the rest of the season.

      Comment by kingoftelevision | April 26, 2009

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