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Fringe Episode 18: Midnight

Tonight’s episode of Fringe wasn’t bad, altough I thought the ‘maneater’ storyline was a bit tired. In addition, the big reveal at the end of the episode just didn’t seem all that surprising to me. However, we got a slew of hilarious Walter-isms.

Walter’s obsession with discussions of food while examining dead bodies is something I find very amusing for some reason.  Tonight, when observing the exposed spinal column of the first victim, Walter told Peter it reminded him of shrimp cocktail.  As if that wasn’t enough, Walter also took the opportunity to let Peter know that shrimp didn’t really have big vein that people normally remove, it’s actually the intestinal tract.  Yummy.

Later, while examining another crime scene, Walter discovered a bottle of benzyl alcohol, which he quickly pointed out is normally used as a local anesthetic, although his preferred use is as a mouthwash.

The biggest laugh Walter gave me tonight though was his use of The Clapper during the scene in the lab when they figured out where to find their killer.

In addition to comic Walter, we did get a sincere moment when he posited that if we do have souls, then we must allow for the possibility that there is still time for redemption. I believe this is what inspired the video confession at the end of the show.

While not intentionally hilarious, Peter got a big laugh out of me when he was walking around the nightclub with his infrared camera. I thought he looked just like Egon Spengler walking around the New York Public Library.

The pleasant surprise of the night was Astrid, who is really starting to hold her own with the others after so many episodes as barely more than an extra. Her advice to Peter in the lab was classic, “When you finally meet a nice girl, I would avoid bring her home for as long as possible.” Adam Morgan did a great interview with Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid, over at It’s definitely worth the read.  In fact, something she says near the end of the interview got me thinking tonight when Astrid covered for Walter’s fatal mistake in the lab.  Maybe she is just protecting him, but perhaps Astrid has some reason to lie for Walter that we just don’t know about yet.


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  1. Wow – I pretty much agree with everything you said. Wish I’d read this AFTER I write my own review! Great job. And thanks for the interview link. I actually got to speak with Jasika again today, this time on the phone, and the audio should be up tomorrow. She talks about the finale, and Astrid’s superpower. And she even sings some Bee Gees!

    Comment by Adam Morgan | April 28, 2009

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