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The Office Season 5 Episode 26: Casual Friday

It’s appropriate that the writing team crafted a classic episode to coincide with Michael Scott’s return to Dunder Mifflin Scranton. I know there’s no need to do a blow-by-blow breakdown of a 30 minute comedy, so here are my favorite moments of the episode.

Opening Sequence – I don’t know what you thought, but I think Kevin Malone’s Famous Chili sounds delicious. Seriously, there is only one other opening to an episode of The Office that has made me laugh harder than this. I will be watching this clip of Kevin over and over for years, just like this one of Dwight.

Invisible Ink – Dwight’s urine-based ink for his secret note was funny, but the callback later in the episode where we saw him wetting his paintbrush in Ryan’s mug was hilarious.

Game time – Obviously Jim has wasted a lot of time at Dunder Mifflin’s expense over the years, but aside from some classic pranks, his game-playing with Creed really cracked me up tonight. ┬áThe chess scene was funny, but the Scrabble scene was a riot. Especially when Michael played Jim’s tiles and Creed studied the gibberish before declaring, “Challenge.”

Darryl – I love when Darryl puts Michael in his place, and the scolding about building forts in the warehouse was great.


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