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Meet the Designers of Project Runway Season 6

Project Runway

As we prepare for next month’s premiere, Lifetime has released the brand new Project Runway website, including profiles of all 16 designers. I haven’t read any of the full bios yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and judge a few books by their covers.

Most Likely to Have an Annoying Catch Phrase – Malvin Vien

Most Likely to Have No Friends on the Show – Gordana Gehlhausen

Most Likely to Be a Total Bitch – Ari Fish

Most Likely to Act Hard But Have No Street Cred – Christopher Straub

Most Likely to Lack the Talent Required for a One-Word Name – Epperson

My gut feel for front-runner based on nothing but picture, name, and hometown is Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman, with my second choice being Nicolas Putvinski. I hope my picks for this are better than my guesses for the last season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Project Runway Season 6 premieres August 20th on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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Excellent 2009 Blu-ray Review Roundup

As of last year, I stopped buying DVDs and only purchase hi-def discs for my collection. With rare exception, I don’t plunk down my cash for blu-ray discs unless they meet two criteria: 1) Amazon better have a great price (under $25) and 2) It better have a great review from Their reviewers do amazing in-depth reviews of every disc that comes their way, and they haven’t steered me wrong yet.

And, if you keep an eye on their page, you’ll never pay list price again.

Read the 2009 Mid-Year Blu-ray Report Card at

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