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2009 Fall Preview – Tuesdays

Image Courtesy of Ben Lindahl - Creative Commons Licensed

Image Courtesy of Ben Lindahl - Creative Commons Licensed


ABC – What’s the executive producer of CSI to do when he can’t think of another city to base a spinoff in? No worries, Jerry Bruckheimer has decided to call his new show The Forgotten instead of CSI:John Doe, although the latter is probably more appropriate. The new show centers around cases with unidentified victims, so I’m sure we’ll get lots of fun computer modeling and clay molds of skulls to keep us entertained. Oh I almost forgot, we’ll also get Christian Slater in the lead role. I’ll be watching the first couple episodes at least, but I have zero expectations for this show, likely due to the egg Slater laid with last year’s My Own Worst Enemy. The Forgotten premieres on September 22nd. Later this fall, we’ll be treated to a reimagining of the sci-fi classic V, where rodent-devouring aliens come to Earth with less than peaceful intentions. V premieres November 3rd.

CBS – Tuesday nights have proved to be so thin, I’m actually going to check out NCIS: Los Angeles, the spinoff starring LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. I’ve never watched the original, mainly because my in-laws talk about how fantastic it is, and I think Mark Harmon belongs on tv in the 80’s, not today. I’m interested to see how this one shakes out, hopefully better than O’Donnell’s last few efforts. The show premieres September 22nd.

CW – This is the spot where I was planning to tell you about Melrose Place. I didn’t watch the original, but I thought the revival had a shot at being entertaining. After seeing the premiere, I’m willing to admit I was wrong.

Discovery – Mike Rowe brings us another insightful season of Dirty Jobs, premiering October 6th. I have no idea what kind of nasty shit Mike and the crew will be up to their elbows in this season, but I know it will be entertaining.


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nip/tuck Season 6 Premieres Oct 14

photo courtesy FX Network

photo courtesy FX Network

My advice is not to get your hopes set too high for this next-to-last season of our favorite plastic surgery romp. We only get ten episodes since FX decided in their infinite wisdom that it would be best to split the final episodes into two seasons with a series finale holding until 2011.

While I know we’ll get some classic crazy surgical procedures, I have a strong feeling that these ten episodes will simply set the stage for the final run that is still over one year away, despite all footage already being in the can. It’s interesting that creator Ryan Murphy’s new effort, Glee, could be finishing it’s second season by the time nip/tuck finishes its run.

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Community Episode 1: Pilot

Despite my aggravation with The Peacock, I’m happy to report that at least one of their new shows left me wanting more. The pilot episode of Community has shown us that fast-paced, smart comedy did not end when Arrested Development was cancelled. Keep in mind, the similarity between the two is no accident, considering Anthony and Joe Russo have been at the helm for both.

Joel McHale turns in a good performance as smarmy lawyer Jeff Winger, and The Daily Show’s John Oliver is a lot of fun as Jeff’s former client and college faculty member Duncan. The cast is rounded out with Chevy Chase (who is great, but I’m not sure will be content to be a bit player) and a host of fresh faces. One of those faces belongs to Danny Pudi, whose short list of credits includes appearances on ER, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Greek, and the recent direct-to-dvd sequel, Road Trip: Beer Pong. Pudi stole the spotlight in this pilot episode, and in the process gave us one hell of a Judd Nelson impression.

The next few weeks will paint the full picture, but at this point the ratings outlook is good, especially considering McHale & company held over 90% of the 18-49 demographic from their lead-in, The Office. As long as creator Dan Harmon and his writing staff can figure out how to let each member of this ensemble shine, I think Community has an excellent shot at filling the fourth spot in NBC’s Thursday comedy lineup.

The Onion A.V. Club has a great interview with McHale here.

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