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2009 Fall Preview – Friday

courtesy FOX Network

courtesy FOX Network


ABCUgly Betty returns on October 9th, but it certainly doesn’t look like ABC has much faith in it. The show got much better toward the end of last season, but it can’t be a good thing that the network put the show on hiatus when it should have been building toward its finale, then banished it to Friday night ratings hell for the new season. It’s almost like they’re looking for a reason to cancel it.

CBS – I’m an unashamed fan of Numb3rs, and I think we need more procedurals with nerdy subject matter. David Krumholtz has been one of my favorites ever since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You (“I’m thinking of getting a Tercel.”) back in 1999. I think the best part of the show during the last season was the way the whole team started to get in on the act of using simple analogies to explain complex mathematical problems. Although, the series certainly took a serious turn with Don getting stabbed, Amita getting kidnapped, and Charlie popping the question. I’m looking to finding out Amita’s answer when Numb3rs premieres tonight at 10/9c.

FOX – It certainly felt like Dollhouse just barely did enough to get renewed. I thought the show was at least twice as good by the end of the season, and after watching the unaired “Epitaph One” episode a few weeks ago it was evident the show is capable of even more. I hope they achieve it during season two, which premieres tonight.

HBOReal Time with Bill Maher has a permanent spot on my Friday night grid as long as he stays on the air. This is some of the most insightful satire anywhere, and nearly justifies the monthly charge for HBO all on its own.

SYFY – If you like science fiction or for that matter, writing in general, you should definitely be reading Whatever, John Scalzi’s blog. Scalzi is a great writer and happens to be a creative consultant for the newest member of the Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe, which premieres October 2nd. Based on his posts, Scalzi likes the finished product, and that’s enough for me. Also, last year’s new sci-fi treat Sanctuary returns on October 9th.

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