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House Season 6 Episode 4: Instant Karma


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Just four episodes into the season, House has already served up some big-time changes. The good doctor getting emotionally invested in a serious relationship, turnover on the staff, a huge ethical dilemma with an equally huge guest star, and now–an episode intro without a sudden onset of symptoms?

Granted, this isn’t the first time an episode of House has started with a whimper instead of a bang, but I don’t think it was a coincidence tonight. Last week’s episode ended with a shocking revelation courtesy of Dr. Chase, and tonight we started to see what other changes could be coming our way very soon.

Lee Tergesen (Wayne’s World, Oz) turned in a believable performance as Roy Randall, a billionaire whose son is stricken with a mysterious illness, leading him to seek out the best, which naturally leads him directly to Dr. House. In a rare example of a previous case crossing over into a new episode, Cuddy stops by during the initial differential to inform Foreman that the Dibala case will go before the M&M panel. This sends Foreman and Chase into an ass-covering frenzy that lasts for the entire episode.

In typical fashion, the young patient has many ups and downs throughout the episode, but one I found particularly entertaining was his first crash that resulted in the need to drill a burr hole to relieve the inter-cranial pressure. You’ll be happy to know that the Makita 6227D is the drill of choice for putting a hole in a boy’s head when medically necessary. It’s both cordless and lightweight, and the 12 volt battery gives you plenty of power to drill through a skull.

Foreman and Chase spend much of the episode huddling while trying to ensure their asses are covered, and I was really surprised that House was the only one who picked up on their obvious panic. Naturally, House swoops in at the eleventh hour with the exact document that explains away the only hole in Chase’s cover-up. Before taking of his superhero cape, House even finds time to re-diagnose the boy one more time and save his life.

There have been many reports lately about cast changes, and I think it’s all making sense now. Apparently Cameron’s (Jennifer Morrison) departure is a done deal, so I’m willing to bet that Chase will come clean and Cameron will use it as the final excuse to end their rocky marriage. We were obviously supposed to interpret the two ‘Cameron wakes up alone’ scenes as the beginning of the end. I heard a certain private detective would be popping back up this year, and I think it would be great if he’s somehow involved with ending this unhappy union.

According to several reports, the rest of the cast isn’t going anywhere yet. I’m all for Thirteen returning as long as she doesn’t run straight back to Foreman–that’s just not in character for her. I don’t really care much about Taub, he’s a bit of a whiner. I like this new version of Chase, but then there’s Foreman, who seems to be repeating the same notes over and over. Cuddy is great and I look forward to an eventual rekindling of the House-Cuddy romance. Finally, there’s Wilson. All I can say here is, “I WANT MORE WILSON!” He and House are such a great on-screen duo, and I always find their unique relationship compelling to watch.

Overall, House is a series in transition. I just hope it’s taking us somewhere new and exciting.

Tonight’s disease info:

Degos disease

Antiphospholipid syndrome

Tonight’s best quotes:

Responding the Thirteen’s accusation of spying – “I was talking to you, I was spying on the MILF in the running shorts.”

Roy: “Are you Dr. House?”

House: “I understand you’re a big fan. I’ll have my guy send over a signed glossy.”

Wilson explaining to Thirteen why she should stick around – “You’re the only one who hasn’t been sucked into his crazy House vortex.”

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