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The Internet’s Wil Wheaton Comes to The Big Bang Theory

If you follow @wilw on Twitter or read his excellent blog, then I’m not telling you anything new.  If you’re trying to remember who Wil Wheaton is, then follow the links and check out the preview for next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, a show that is making a serious run for my favorite current comedy.


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nip/tuck Season 6 Episode 1: Don Hoberman

Courtesy FX Network

Courtesy FX Network

One of the challenges of the production cycle for original cable programming is how to pull viewers back into the world of the show after a long layoff. With seven months since the last episode aired, nip/tuck opted to use an extended voiceover by Linda Hunt (Kindergarten Cop, NCIS: Los Angeles) to fill in any gaps. The benefit of this technique was the ability to get directly to the action instead of getting bogged down with a bunch of boring exposition. Not to mention that Hunt’s distinctive voice is perfect for the attitude that comes with this show.

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