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nip/tuck Season 6 Episode 1: Don Hoberman

Courtesy FX Network

Courtesy FX Network

One of the challenges of the production cycle for original cable programming is how to pull viewers back into the world of the show after a long layoff. With seven months since the last episode aired, nip/tuck opted to use an extended voiceover by Linda Hunt (Kindergarten Cop, NCIS: Los Angeles) to fill in any gaps. The benefit of this technique was the ability to get directly to the action instead of getting bogged down with a bunch of boring exposition. Not to mention that Hunt’s distinctive voice is perfect for the attitude that comes with this show.

With the economy in the shitter, McNamara/Troy is suffering big time. Sean and Christian have been reduced to reading the paper in the breakroom and snacking on generic yogurt to cut costs. All this free time has allowed both docs to focus on their personal problems instead. Christian waited until after the honeymoon to tell Liz he wasn’t dying and wanted a divorce. What he didn’t account for was Liz choosing to retain a high-powered (and perverse) attorney (Barry Bostwick) to get her half of his money. Sean is spending all of his time freaking out about the downturn in business and girlfriend Teddy’s* expensive tastes, so much so that he has a serious case of insomnia.

*Note: Teddy was played by Katee Sackhoff last season, but has been replaced by Rose McGowan

After Christian’s yacht is seized for missed payments, the boys encounter their old pal Dr. Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez) who is disgustingly successful despite the economy. He takes them for a ride on his much larger yacht and explains that he now works as a “pod surgeon”, exchange 10% of his revenue for use of other people’s surgery suites. McNamara/Troy makes a quick deal with Dr. Mike to boost their struggling cash flow, and only later find out that he specializes in vaginal rejuvenation. Apparently loose vaginas are a problem in any economy.

Upon seeing Mike’s success, the guys decide to air a late night infomercial to ramp up their own “tightening” service. Their a bit disappointed when the titular patient arrives and requests a surgery to give him a six-pack, inspired by how flabby Sean and Christian looked compared to Dr. Mike on the commercial. As usual, the guys respond in very different ways. Christian nearly agrees to rub one out in front of Liz’s attorney to make a settlement deal, and Sean agrees to Teddy’s marriage proposal, only to swallow a handful of pills in an apparent suicide attempt to close the episode.

In a strange backup storyline, Matt chooses a career as a mime, only to end up holding up a donut shop with his toy gun. Matt’s been the writer’s punching bag ever since his botched self-circumcision in the first season, so it’s no surprise that his latest endeavor is already a massive failure.

I’m disappointed in the network’s decision not to air the final run of episodes all together, but I have no doubt that Ryan Murphy has made nip/tuck’s final season an exciting ride.

A couple great quotes tonight:

Opening voiceover description of Sean: “He’s wound tighter than a hummingbird’s asshole.”

Liz tells Christian she’s going back to women, but not until she takes his yacht in the divorce: “I’ll be on my hot, floating dyke-bar. The les-boat.”


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