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House Season 6 Episode 5: Brave Heart

courtesy FOX network

courtesy FOX network

Okay, this parkour thing has gone far enough. I draw the line when I fast forward through the opening of my favorite show because I think it must be a Mountain Dew commercial. Once I hit rewind and started over, I must admit it was a pretty cool change of pace for an opening of House. The changes kept coming as Chase continued to wrestle with the Dibala case and House continued on the road to recovery.

I keep waiting for the moment when I feel sympathy for Chase. From everything we’ve heard, Cameron is leaving the show so we know it’s only a matter of time before she leaves him. With that coming, I would expect us to start seeing something in Chase to root for. All I’m seeing at this point is a guy who experienced a brief moment of conviction, followed by a massive downward spiral of doubt and self-loathing. Listening to him beg the priest for absolution didn’t make me feel sympathy though, it just made me think Chase was an asshole for asking for forgiveness. If you decide to drop a death sentence on a guy because you think he committed genocide, then at least have the balls to see it through. When Cameron asks what’s bothering him, Chase should have told her his only concern was that he didn’t figure out a way to rip out Dibala’s heart and show it to him before he died. Kudos to the priest for calling Chase out though, “What is sacred about a doctor who kills a patient?”

Chase wasn’t the only one experiencing doubt tonight, House had plenty of his own to deal with. After Wilson finally agrees to convert his study into a spare room for House to sleep in, Greg starts hearing voices while trying to go to sleep. Typically, instead of going to his best friend for advice, House tries to diagnose himself first. After a hearing test confirms no physiological problem, he’s left with the possibility that it’s time to go back to the crazy house. I have to hand it to them for making me expect more than once that Amber would be popping up to visit House while he was trying to nod off. Ultimately, House figures out the voice is just Wilson talking to an imaginary Amber to make himself feel better, but only after Wilson offers to drive him back to Mayfield for more analysis. Something must have hit home though, because House even made a half-hearted attempt to talk to his dead father before going to sleep that night. I was happy to see this mostly resolved in one episode.  I’m ready for House to get back to work full-time. Despite that, I loved the moment when he told Cuddy, “I’m not ready to be a doctor again.”

As we have seen before, tonight’s patient offered an excellent mirror for House. The patient appeared to be fine, but insisted that he had a disease they needed to find. Four hours after discharging their seemingly healthy patient, he drops dead. Fortunately, Foreman had the presence of mind to get the body transferred back to Princeton Plainsboro so he could perform the autopsy while House sat close and made smartass remarks. Funny how those remarks stopped when the dead man started bleeding from the autopsy incision, sat straight up and screamed at the top of his voice. Ultimately, the diagnosis was a berry aneurysm, and the patient was fine after having it removed. So does the removal of House’s vicodin addiction mean he’ll be just fine as well?

We did get some classic House/Cuddy moments tonight, as she attempted to force House to complete the 120 hours of rounds required by the state to reactivate his license to practice medicine. After some vintage havok-wreaking involving a bag of pee and a comment about Cuddy’s nipples, House gets his way. I was curious about how true the requirement was, so I hit the Google.  From what I can tell, New Jersey does require 120 hours of continuing education for all practicing physicians, so that’s close enough for tv.

Tonight’s best quotes include one from House and a conversation from two interns speaking for the audience.

House to Cameron: “He’s only agreeing with you because he wants to have sex with you. I agree with you too, especially in those pants.”

House to the Gang after the “autopsy”: “Differential Diagnosis for Resurrection…go.”

House and Cuddy step out of the patient’s room to argue.
Intern 1: “No wonder she hates him.”
Intern 2: “That’s not hate. It’s foreplay.”

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