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House Season 6 Episode 10: Wilson

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The thing about a really good episode of House is that you realize almost immediately it’s going to be great.

Tonight, I knew before I hit play.

The name of the episode says it all. James Wilson is my favorite character on my favorite show, so a long-overdue episode focused on mainly on him was an excellent surprise.

Wilson takes a day off work to go turkey hunting with Tucker, a friend/former patient, but the trip is cut short when Tucker goes numb in one arm and nearly blows Wilson’s head off. After admitting Tucker and reaching an early diagnosis, Wilson goes on his rounds to show us just how different from House he really is. Apparently his services even include calling a patient’s estranged family to convince them to stop by the hospital.

Wilson’s emotional attachment to every patient is his strength, and tonight we saw it in several ways. Not only does Wilson use his relationship with one patient to reach a better diagnosis, he ends up in a very House-like confrontation with Cuddy just to get permission to demonstrate a very un-House act of selflessness.

Wilson is my favorite character because he is the only person who truly understands House. You may think Cuddy understands House, but her judgement is too clouded by her secret love for him. Just notice how easily Wilson called Cuddy on her bullshit reason for bringing up moving in with Lucas.

There has been a lot of relationship drama on House in the last year, but I’ve got news for you–they’ve been focusing on the wrong couple. This show isn’t about Cameron/Chase, Foreman/Thirteen, Cuddy/Lucas, or even House/Cuddy. The power couple here is House/Wilson and tonight we saw exactly why they’re perfect for each other. House loves Wilson because he sees him as a puzzle, just like his cases. Here it’s the puzzle of why someone would choose to get so emotionally invested in the world around them, a world that too often disappoints. In turn, Wilson loves House because he knows that House needs him. For the first time ever, tonight House actually admitted it.

“If you die, I’m alone.”

His stint in the mental hospital taught House that even he could connect emotionally with others. Now that he’s admitted that to himself, he has to learn to deal with the possibility that the people he loves won’t be there to reciprocate. Who better to help him work through that than Wilson.

Other highlights of tonight’s episode:

House’s sweet acoustic version of George Michael’s Faith

House: “He’s a self-important jerk.”
Wilson: “That seems to be what I’m attracted to.”

A well-acted guest spot by Josh Malina (The West Wing) as Tucker.

House to the potential liver donor’s sister, “Well played. Religion just killed another person.”

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