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Sci-Fi Masters of the Naughts

Stephanie Fox at always gives us some of the best nerd charts on the internet, and I really enjoyed deciphering this one. While I may not agree with the rating given to Peter Jackson’s King Kong, I must admit that the chart is mostly very accurate, and certainly a lot of fun to look at. Don’t be too intimidated by the multitude of crossing lines though, because Lauren Davis also provides a narrative version with full details.

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Arkansas Girl Makes Good – Natalie White Wins Survivor Samoa

Van Buren, Arkansas native Natalie White never has to sell drugs again. In fact, she probably won’t have to have a real job ever again thanks to her win on tonight’s Survivor finale. Despite a lack of any tangible strategy aside from prayer, Natalie showed us that a nice girl will always get more votes than a clever asshole.

I’m a huge fan of Russell’s dirty play and amazing idol-sniffing abilities, but pissing people off is obviously not the way to win Survivor.

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Tosh.0 Season 2 Premieres in January

Thanks to tonight’s posts on Daniel Tosh’s Twitter feed, I can happily report that Comedy Central has picked up a 25 episode second season of Tosh.0. Regular readers know how much I love Tosh’s acid sarcasm and of course, his sweaters. The show returns on January 13th, moving to Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c. If you haven’t seen the show, or need something to satisfy you until the premiere, head over to the Tosh.0 blog.

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House Season 6 Episode 10: Wilson

courtesy FOX network

The thing about a really good episode of House is that you realize almost immediately it’s going to be great.

Tonight, I knew before I hit play.

The name of the episode says it all. James Wilson is my favorite character on my favorite show, so a long-overdue episode focused on mainly on him was an excellent surprise.

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Penn and Teller on Jimmy Fallon

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Penn and Teller visited Jimmy Fallon back on Nov 12. I just caught up on three weeks of Jimmy Fallon in about 40 minutes, and this was the best part by far. The link to the full episode on Hulu is included below. Skip to about 32:40 to see their bit. Even if you think Penn and Teller are loudmouth assholes (well at least one of them), you cannot deny they are great at magic. For the record, I think they are hilarious, and Bullshit alone is worth the subscription to Showtime.

Full episode of Jimmy Fallon on Hulu

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