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As many of our favorite tv programs wrap up their seasons, I will be taking the opportunity to devote some of my posts to movies as well. Looking at the massive number of review sites that fill the interwebs, I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to reviews. Instead of numeric ratings, which are rarely based on any actual measurements, I will simply answer a short list of questions for each movie I talk about. Some of the questions will be the same each time, and some of them will vary depending on the genre of the movie. If you have any suggestions for other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, drop me an email, or a tweet.

Taken Liam Neeson Torture Scene

Taken (Extended Cut) – Action/Thriller – Starring Liam Neeson – Directed by Pierre Morel – Unrated – 93 minutes

What is it like? Man on Fire set in Europe with an Irish guy instead of in Mexico with a Black guy.

Favorite Scene? The torture scene (pictured above) is great, but my favorite was actually a tense dinner confrontation between Neeson’s character and an acquaintance from his CIA past. This scene included the best surprise of the movie.

Does it kick ass? No, It destroys it. I don’t normally think of Liam Neeson as a take-no-prisoners badass, but he is in this movie. 

Favorite fight? The final fight sequence of the movie was my favorite, particularly the use of the “hero throws himself through a sheet of glass on purpose” tactic.

Own it or rent it? Rent it. I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome this was, but a lot of my joy was in the shock-factor of some of the unexpected moments. Even in the midst of really enjoying the movie, I could tell it wouldn’t be the same the second time around.

Blu-ray or DVD? Definitely blu-ray. The DTS Master Audio track will remind you why you spent the money on your home theater in the first place.

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