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I’m Addicted to 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live

When Microsoft announced their experiment in creating a massively multiplayer online game show, I wasn’t really interested. I haven’t watched a single episode of 1 vs 100, and the idea of playing on Xbox Live sounded a lot less interesting than blowing the shit out of people on Call of Duty multiplayer.

Then, last night, I saw they had started a show and I decided to see what it was like. Two hours later, I was mad they didn’t have another game starting until today. If you are a trivia junkie like me, this is exactly the kind of game for you. The questions are an awesome mix of all categories, like an updated version of Trivial Pursuit, except that my wife will actually play as well. They are also experimenting with subject-specific games such as Thursday night’s Breaking News version.

The games are in beta right now, so the prizes aren’t real, although there is a sweepstakes for beta participants. Within a couple weeks, the beta tag will be removed and gamers can compete for actual prizes, in the form of free games and Microsoft points. If you want to join me for a game, look for me on Xbox Live–my gamertag is kingoftv.

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Stephen Colbert: Bears and Balls

Colbert’s Jim Crameresque segment, Bears and Balls, has been of my favorites for a while, and Thursday’s installment featured some great material. The whole video is great, but skip to 1:45 in if you want to go straight to the great bit about Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Project Natal announcement. Admittedly, I enjoyed it more since I’m an Apple fanboy, but I’m also a 360 owner who is skeptical about the true awesomeness of Natal.

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House M.D. the Video Game?


I was catching up on E3 news today and I came across this story at Kotaku. Seriously? A House video game? This sounds like a terrible idea, although based on how fun the Trauma Center series has proved to be on the Nintendo DS, there’s actually a chance (albeit a slim one) this could be awesome. However, I don’t think Legacy Interactive’s upcoming Murder, She Wrote title stands a chance in hell. At least not until my grandmother buys a computer.

Full press release from Legacy Interactive


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