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Weeds Season 5 Premiere Date Set

I can’t seem to find an official press release, but The Futon Critic hasn’t failed me yet.  According to their site Nancy, Shane, Andy, Silas, and Doug will be back with us on Showtime at at 10/9 Central on June 8, 2009.

Update: It’s official…



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The Office Season 5 Episode 4 – Baby Shower

Another Thursday night, another solid episode of The Office.

And now the spoilers…

Michael & Dwight’s watermelon baby was a classic opening sequence.  For whatever reason, Andy’s continued desperate attempts to impress Michael still make me laugh.  Maybe it’s just the idea of a grown man being that eager to have his manager’s watermelon baby.

The line of the episode came from Michael: “We gave you a beautiful golden shower! Where’s my golden shower Phyllis?”

Jan was kind enough to let us all know what none of us needed to hear–afterbirth floats.

I was also reminded that Darryl is one of my favorite people on the show, and they do not use him enough. His exchange with Michael about baby-daddys was priceless.

Finally, I think this time when Michael realized Jan is a selfish bitch, it will actually stick.  Here’s to Michael and Holly.

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