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Banished: Hank

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Successful man experiences a big career change, moves from the city to the suburbs, and spends more time with his family. This is the premise of Hank, and yes it is also eerily similar to the premise of Back to You, Kelsey Grammer’s last crappy attempt at making another hit. I don’t have much to say other than Grammer will fail every time he tries to re-create the magic of Frasier with a much less talented cast. One episode normally isn’t enough for me to pass judgement on a new show, but Hank is abnormally boring. I’m not surprised it’s the only one of ABC’s Wednesday comedies that hasn’t been picked up for the full season. Worse yet, they’re even bumping it off the schedule next week to air the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

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Banished – Kath & Kim

Maybe it’s NBC’s fault that I don’t like this show. They are so eager to have a two hour comedy block on Thursdays, they will give a show to any SNL alum who’s interested. Giving one to Molly Shannon was a mistake. Someone thought, hey giving a show to Tina Fey has worked out great, surely that will work for any female SNL cast member from the early 2000s.  Yeah, not so much.

Selma Blair plays a brat who stuffs her face while treating her new husband like shit, and Molly Shannon is her mother who inexplicably shops constantly and has a huge home, despite her only method of financial support being her giving an occasional haircut between cocktails and dates with her fiancee. Speaking of him, John Michael Higgins is the bright spot in this pile of crap. In fact, I really wanted to like the show when I found out Higgins was part of it. Unfortunately, he isn’t enough to pull this one out.

I’m going to try WordPress’s new feature with these banished posts.

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Banished – Sons of Anarchy

I was planning to reserve judgement on this one until watching the second episode, but I could only manage to get through half of episode two before hitting the delete button.  I realized that the biggest problem with this show is the creators didn’t bother to give the viewer any compelling reasons to root for the bad boys who are supposed to be the protagonists.  About twenty minutes into the episode two, it occurred to me that all I had seen was that these bikers were a bunch of racists who run guns.  Note to FX – your own network has several examples of how to make viewers love characters who are assholes.  See Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for more information.

By the way, I’ve decided to stick with the regal theme and ‘banish’ the shows that I no longer plan to watch.  Not to be confused with cancelled shows, to which I’ll add the ‘RIP’ moniker.

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