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Arkansas Girl Makes Good – Natalie White Wins Survivor Samoa

Van Buren, Arkansas native Natalie White never has to sell drugs again. In fact, she probably won’t have to have a real job ever again thanks to her win on tonight’s Survivor finale. Despite a lack of any tangible strategy aside from prayer, Natalie showed us that a nice girl will always get more votes than a clever asshole.

I’m a huge fan of Russell’s dirty play and amazing idol-sniffing abilities, but pissing people off is obviously not the way to win Survivor.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 5: The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

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Kevin Sussman has only appeared as Stuart on a few episodes of TBBT, but from his first scene I knew the comic book store proprietor was the perfect foil to Jim Parsons’s Sheldon. Stuart’s oh-so-gentle mocking of and ambivalence toward Sheldon are exactly what’s needed to drop him down a peg or two. I thought it wasn’t possible to create a better nemesis for Sheldon.

I was wrong.

Tonight, a “delightfully evil” Wil Wheaton appeared in a classic episode that I hope will lead to more Wheaton guest spots in the future. It’s definitely the hardest I’ve ever laughed at someone killing a bunny.

If you’re not familiar with it, Wheaton has a great blog where he shares his perspective as an actor turned writer/actor. He already shared a brief post about creating the episode, and he’ll have a more in-depth report on the shoot during the next week. It’s a great look from the perspective of a fan of the show, an affection that I think was the key to Wheaton’s great performance tonight.

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The Internet’s Wil Wheaton Comes to The Big Bang Theory

If you follow @wilw on Twitter or read his excellent blog, then I’m not telling you anything new.  If you’re trying to remember who Wil Wheaton is, then follow the links and check out the preview for next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, a show that is making a serious run for my favorite current comedy.

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The Amazing Race Deserves HD

In a world filled with low-concept garbage reality shows, one 11-time Emmy winner stands head and shoulders above the rest. Yet, for some reason, that show has big black bars on the left and right sides of my screen.

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2009 Fall Preview – Friday

courtesy FOX Network

courtesy FOX Network


ABCUgly Betty returns on October 9th, but it certainly doesn’t look like ABC has much faith in it. The show got much better toward the end of last season, but it can’t be a good thing that the network put the show on hiatus when it should have been building toward its finale, then banished it to Friday night ratings hell for the new season. It’s almost like they’re looking for a reason to cancel it.

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