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House Season 5 Episode 13: Big Baby

If episodes of House were Police Academy movies, tonight’s episode would be Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.  If you don’t get the reference, just hang on while I explain.

Big Baby has the ingredients (SPOILERS BELOW) for a great episode:  

  • A kid pissing her pants
  • Cameron filling in for Cuddy (translation: a new punching bag for House)
  • House referring to a special needs kid as Corky (yes as in Down’s syndrome kid from TV’s “Life Goes On”)
  • House throwing Wilson under the bus to get under Cuddy’s skin
  • Foreman facing an ethical dilemma
  • A crazy ass procedure involving a patient’s exposed brain
  • A cure triggered by baby vomit

So as you can see, it’s just like Police Academy 6.  Oh I’m sorry, you still don’t remember anything about that one?  Don’t worry, that’s exactly how you’ll feel about this episode of House a couple days after you see it.


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House Season 5 Episode 10: Let Them Eat Cake

I didn’t care much for the patient this week, but it was refreshing to learn more about Thirteen’s background.  After years of never learning more than basic details about House’s lackeys, it’s great to see the show mixing it up.  

On the relationship front, I’m not buying the disappointing end of the episode.  At this point I think it’s only a matter of when they get together and not if.  I’m 100% ready for a House/Cuddy diddlefest, although I realize I’m probably in the minority.  Why you ask?  Tonight’s episode was a great example of how more screen time with both House and Cuddy results in more great dialogue, as well as more dialogue about House’s balls.

House about this week’s patient: “Muscles and curves, my penis is so confused.”

House attempting to disrupt Cuddy’s phone call: “Have you seen my balls?  The giant one and the red one.”

Great wink at the audience by Cuddy: “Everyone knows this is going somewhere”

House referring to Cuddy’s breasts: “Can you leave these?”

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House Season 5 Episode 8: Emancipation

Overall a disappointing episode of House with a slight silver lining in the closing minutes.


The only really interesting thing going on in tonight’s episode had nothing to do with the case, but rather with Foreman actually growing a pair of nuts.  After more than four years taking orders from House, Foreman learned that he could actually stand up and make a decision for himself instead of asking permission from House or Cuddy.  I just can’t believe it took him this long to learn the lesson that House demonstrates every week!

I did especially enjoy Foreman’s House-like moment when he left Cameron and Chase in mid-sentence wondering what he had just figured out.

Foreman scored the funniest line of the night with, “I’ve looked down one end and back up the other and everything came back clean.”

However, with a serious turn, House takes the trophy for best line of the night.  It came at the end of the episode when Wilson was assuring House that it wasn’t a risk to the boy’s life when House delayed involvement to give Foreman a chance.  Wilson’s asserted House knew that Foreman would have the answer in time to save the patient.  “Did I?” was all House said, but it spoke volumes for me.  It was the first real moment of self-doubt I have ever seen from the infallible Dr. House.  Well done.

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House Season 5 Episode 7: The Itch

I’ll skip the part of the post where I talk about how this was yet another solid episode of House.  Oh, too late.  On to the spoliers!

I’m happy to see that no one tried to pretend the kiss didn’t happen, and that the writers didn’t make us wait an extra episode for anyone to talk about it.  On the contrary, we got some great back-and-forth courtesy of Wilson’s lame attempts to talk to Cuddy about “The Kiss”.  I love the way Cuddy totally made an ass of Wilson twice.  My personal favorite was when she suggested they forgo a dinner date and go straight on to full sex.

As for the case, I think the patient freaking out and ripping out his own central line is by far the best grossout/freakout moment on House this season.  I also enjoyed the intestinal flamethrower. Aside from that, while I enjoyed the novelty of working out of the patient’s home, the case was the least interesting part of this episode.

Allow me to be the first to say thank you to the producers/writers for refocusing Cameron and Chase.  It was great to have them central to the plot of an episode, and not just a tacked-on afterthought.  I really enjoyed it when Cameron reminded Chase that while she chose to leave House’s team, he actually got fired.  I found their relationship discussion very interesting.  It made me wonder how much Chase’s argument about Cameron not letting him in might have been rooted in their ill-fated off screen romance that ended last year.

It was funny to hear Cuddy act as the voice of the fans when she told Wilson to trust her, that everyone would be happier if she and House don’t get together.  I don’t like that House wussed out on going to see Cuddy at the end of the episode, but I love they way they cut between the shots of his agoraphobic patient gaining the courage to go outside at the same time House was deciding to go home alone.

Here are two nominees for the House quote of the week, I’ll let you decide which is best:

In response to Wilson’s questions about how far he and Cuddy went–“I’ve got a chart with all the bases on it, I’ll walk you through it later.”

Regarding the bloody bandage on his hand–“That’s weird, I usually don’t get the stigmata until Easter.”

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House Season 5 Episode 6: Joy

I’m over the moon for House.  The show and main character.  I know it may seem like I rarely post negative commentary about the shows I watch, but good television makes me want to write.  

Tonight’s episode was a classic–here come the spoilers.

I really enjoyed that this episode didn’t start with someone passing out during the intro.  The whole ‘creepy music/extreme close-up/what the fuck is going on?’ vibe was one of the better hooks that the show has used in a very long time.  The medical mystery was a great one, especially the way the daughter patient’s kidney donation dovetailed with the story about Cuddy preparing to be a mother.  Our closer look at Thirteen’s depraved street life was also nice, but not as nice as the huge laugh I got from Taub’s totally awkward cocaine buy.  

Finally we have the House/Cuddy storyline.  Like House, I’m selfish and therefore glad Cuddy didn’t get her baby.  She needs to concentrate on taking care of House and cleaning up his messes, which doesn’t leave time to change diapers.  I’m a fan of the long-awaited kiss, and also thrilled that it didn’t lead to an immediate jump into the sack.  I’m hopeful that this development will add another dimension to their relationship, not end it.  Obviously House’s past relationships have not ended well, but I think this one could bring new life to a series that has risked a lot with all the cast shake-ups in the past 18 months.

House Quote of the Week: “There are plenty of babies in the sea.  The world is full of teenage boys riding bareback.”

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