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Lost Season 5 Episode 8: LaFleur

I cannot believe the way this season of Lost keeps defying the law of averages.  I keep waiting for the episode that is a huge let down after so many great weeks in season five.  I’m beginning to wonder if that let down is going to happen before the series ends next year.

Let’s start with a SPOILER-heavy recap:

We begin at site of The Orchid with Sawyer holding one end of Locke’s rope with the other end stuck in solid ground.  While Locke is underground talking to Christian Shephard, the gang up topside have just enough time to spot a giant (four toed!) statue in the distance before Locke turns the wheel and the grand finale flash makes everything all better.  I felt the shockwave of a nationwide geekout as all the Losties got momentarily excited about a possible explanation of the infamous four-toed statue ruins.

Next stop on the mystery-solving train?  That’s right, Polar Bears.  Three years after the final flash, we meet some Dharma security comic relief who managed to answer one of the longest running questions on the series.  Apparently, Dharma has some caged polar bears, which I can only presume are learning how to get a fish biscuit instead of an electric shock.

No polar bears on the loose, but we were treated to Horace the drunken hippie, blowing shit up near the sonic fence.  Quick!  Somebody call LaFleur!  That’s right, our favorite bullshit artist Sawyer has not only convinced Dharma his name is Jim LaFleur, but they even made him Head of Security!  And just for laughs, Miles is now Enis the security guy.  I guess Dharma didn’t have a jumpsuit that said “Mr. I Can Talk to Dead People”.

So we meet pregnant Amy and for a moment I thought we would find out that Baby Charlotte was in her belly.  Alas, once she goes into labor and Juliet saves the day, we discover it’s actually a boy.  No name yet, so your guess is as good as mine.  On a positive note, Juliet managed a C-section without killing the mother or the baby!  And apparently she can also fix a VW Bus!

Going back three years to the moments following the final flash, the gang finds Daniel alone, blubbering to himself about how he’s “not going to talk to her”, which means nothing to the rest of the group.  Daniel explains that Charlotte died and then disappeared during the final flash.  Apparently the dead don’t get to flash through time.  Next we come across Amy and her husband Paul, two Dharma people who are being attacked by two Hostiles.  Paul gets killed and Amy appears on the verge of being taken prisoner when heroic Sawyer and Juliet kill the Hostiles.  Amy freaks out about the “truce” and insists they bury the bodies of the Hostiles and take Paul’s body with them.  She then fools our heroes into getting knocked out by the sonic fence.

Sawyer awakes in the Dharma game room with Horace, and then spins some of the sweetest bullshit I’ve heard in five seasons.  He says he was the captain of a salvage ship looking for a slave ship called the Black Rock.  Well played sir.  Horace believes it, but still says they have to take the morning sub back to civilization because they aren’t Dharma material.  Just before Sawyer meets up with the rest of the group, Daniel explains that “the record isn’t skipping anymore, but they aren’t on the song they want to be on.”  This revelation is immediately following by Toddler Charlotte running through the scene and in the process melting Daniel’s brain.

Sawyer returns, an alarm sounds, and the Dharma defense plan kicks in–everyone run inside and hide!  A lone figure walks into the Dharma camp and plants a torch in the lawn.  It’s Richard Alpert, and he looks pissed.  I can’t recall ever seeing this kind of emotion on Alpert’s face.  Apparently he is really angry about the truce being broken.  Sawyer convinces Horace to let him go talk to Richard.  The brain melting continues as Sawyer proceeds to go toe-to-toe with Alpert and drop some serious knowledge about the H-Bomb and a disappearing John Locke.   Sawyer makes a deal to tell Richard where the bodies are buried and give him Paul’s body.  This earns the gang two extra weeks before Horace plans to make them leave.  In a tender scene, Sawyer convinces Juliet to stick around for the two weeks so he can count on someone to “have his back”.  Apparently Dharma has the same definition of two weeks as the contractors in The Money Pit, considering that turned into three years.

Three years later, Sawyer is living and sleeping with Juliet, who now says she loves him.  We then see Sawyer with a hungover Horace, working hard to convince Horace (and himself) that three years is plenty of time to get over a lost love.  Predictably, this scene is immediately followed by Sawyer getting a call from Jin, causing him to leave the bed he’s sharing with a naked Juliet to be reunited with Hurley, Jack, and his long lost Freckles–Kate.

Excuse the lengthy recap, but this was one hell of an episode.  As you can see, there is just no way this episode could be considered a let down.  I was flying high as we ended on the reunion with three of the Oceanic Six, and at the same time I was wondering where (and when) the rest of the group is at.  But just when I thought we’d never get another letdown from Lost, it happened–as the credits rolled the announcer told us we have to wait two weeks for the next new episode.



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