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24 Day 7: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

I have watched 24 since the day of the California presidential primary, and the long layoff really sucked.  Normally, waiting this long would have made me really build up the premiere, but it actually had the opposite effect.  I think this is probably because Day 6 was a let down, although that’s probably because Day 5 was my favorite of the series.

It’s really hard to talk 24 without dropping spoilerage, but I’ll do my best.  So far we have the elements of a great season: a slightly far-fetched but very evil villain, a big-time government conspiracy, an emotionally unstable presidential spouse, and a serious ass kicking for anyone who gets in Jack Bauer’s way.  If this two night four hour premiere has done anything right, it has me totally pumped about this new season.  

Here’s hoping they can keep this going for the next 20 hours.


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