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Mythbusters Season 7 Premiere Announced

My favorite excuse to watch people destroy things and blow shit up returns to Discovery on April 8th.

The press release is a bit cryptic on exactly what myths will be tested in the two hour special, but at least one is clear.

Fans of the show will remember the myth of the compact car being crushed between to semi trucks in a head-on collision.  The first time around the myth was busted, but something tells me a few intrepid viewers have submitted some new ideas on how this one might work.  Whatever happens, I know we will get to see a small car get obliterated by two semi trucks at high speed.


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Deadliest Catch Season 5 Premiere Announced

Finally!  Reality TV/Crab Fishing junkies can get a fresh fix starting April 14th on Discovery.  Go Hansen brothers!  The Northwestern rules!

Full press release

Deadliest Catch official site

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