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True Blood Season 2 Episode 1: Nothing But The Blood

I’m a recent convert to True Blood, not because I didn’t want to watch, but rather because I was too cheap to order HBO last year when the show premiered. I’ve seen the error of my ways, and watched the first season a couple weeks ago in preparation for tonight’s premiere.

I realize the show is based on the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, but I’ve decided to focus solely on the television series and avoid any kind of spoiler information that is included in the books. I’m mentioning this to explain why my speculation about the direction of the show may sometimes be obviously wrong to anyone who has read the books. I’m okay with sounding like an idiot–I figure that’s at least 25% of what writing a blog is all about.

Spoilers follow, although the last paragraph is safe.

The action in the premiere picks up exactly where last year’s finale left off, so it worked very well for me since I just had the marathon viewing. I was hoping that the corpse in Andy’s car wouldn’t be Lafayette, so I was thrilled when it turned out to be fake exorcist Miss Jeanette. I’m very impressed at how good they’ve gotten with making fake bodies that look like real people. The gaping hole in her chest was pretty great, and the look on her face was priceless. Staring at the chest cavity made me wonder who might be interested in a whole heart.  Sure it could be a vampire thing no one has told us about yet, but I was wondering if it has something to do with Maryann (Michelle Forbes). She seems very interested in Tara’s well-being, and after all, Miss Jeanette did con Tara and countless others. I’m still not sure what Maryann’s ability is (vibrating?) but perhaps she has a use for a human heart.

As the season previews indicated, Jason began his spiritual awakening thanks to the very cult-like Fellowship of the Sun. I have a strong feeling that Jason’s storyline is going to be my least favorite of season two. While I love the idea of Jason straightening up his life, I think it’s a cheap plot device to turn him into an anti-vampire crusader just to pit him against Sookie.

Speaking of contrived, I don’t think I can tolerate the off/on/off/on relationship between Sookie and Bill. One minute he’s sucking her carotid, and the next minute she’s written him off for good. Ultimately I think the only way they can be together is if Sookie becomes a vampire, and I don’t see that happening. I do think that we will at least get some laughs out of the added complication of having Jessica live with Bill. It already cracked me up when Bill was laying down the rules of the house and made sure to mention the recycling bins.

At the end of the episode, we found out exactly where Lafayette has been chained up–it appears to be the basement of Fangtasia since Eric comes downstairs to visit, apparently in the middle of getting some highlights (below). Redneck AIDS-burger guy makes the mistake of sticking some silver in Eric’s face, which just pisses him off and encourages him to take a big bite out of the guy. I don’t think Lafayette will meet such a nasty fate, although being chained to a donkey wheel and shitting in a bucket isn’t exactly a great existence.


I’m definitely hoping that season two will be able to deliver the weekly excitement that the first season gave us. I also hope we’ll get a big mystery like murderous René in the first season. The spin they gave us on a classic serial killer mystery was one of the main things I like so much about season one. More than that though, I was thrilled that after a year filled with teenage girls being way too excited about Twilight, we have a real vampire story to watch, even if it’s only on the small screen. Let’s be clear, Twilight is a vampire story for pussies who don’t like vampires. True Blood is the real deal.

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