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Winter 2009 Television Grid

As promised, I have finished my winter grid before the end of the weekend.  As with my fall grid, keep in mind this is just the grid of shows that I’m planning to watch or at least try out.  For a complete list of everything, including the pointless crap, I recommend The Futon Critic.  

Here is the file in PDF form.  My public idisk has the files in Numbers format and Excel for those still chained to Microsoft Office.

Don’t let the color coding throw you off, that’s just what I use to identify what I have already set the DVR to record.

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Kickass comprehensive list of tv premieres

Thanks to Engadget for pointing this one out.

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Fall 2008 Grid Complete

The first draft of my Fall 2008 grid is complete and I offer it for your use. You can view it here as a PDF, or go to my public idisk to get the Excel or Numbers versions.  The color coding isn’t particularly meaningful, I just use it to remember whether or not I have set the programs to record on my DVRs. Fair warning on the Excel version–I have sworn off Microsoft Office at home so I have no idea what this file actually looks like. I created the grid in Numbers and used the xls export feature to create it.

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