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Meet the Designers of Project Runway Season 6

Project Runway

As we prepare for next month’s premiere, Lifetime has released the brand new Project Runway website, including profiles of all 16 designers. I haven’t read any of the full bios yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and judge a few books by their covers.

Most Likely to Have an Annoying Catch Phrase – Malvin Vien

Most Likely to Have No Friends on the Show – Gordana Gehlhausen

Most Likely to Be a Total Bitch – Ari Fish

Most Likely to Act Hard But Have No Street Cred – Christopher Straub

Most Likely to Lack the Talent Required for a One-Word Name – Epperson

My gut feel for front-runner based on nothing but picture, name, and hometown is Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman, with my second choice being Nicolas Putvinski. I hope my picks for this are better than my guesses for the last season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Project Runway Season 6 premieres August 20th on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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Summer TV Preview Part 2: Tuesday

Here is part two of my five part summer preview. 




ABC – Not much for us on Tuesdays, but on June 23rd at 8/7c, The Superstars will premiere. It looks like ABC is trying to capitalize on the success (and low production costs) of Wipeout by giving us more regular people trying to be athletic. The twist here is that each person will be paired with a pro athlete. One team will be eliminated each week with a winner being crowned in late July.


CBS – All repeats here, but if you haven’t gotten on board The Mentalist yet, now is the time to catch up. I think this show is good enough to stick around for a few years so get on board now while it’s still fresh. Repeats air at 9/8c.


NBC – I have zero interest in watching C-list celebs trying to get out of the jungle, but I am planning to check out the second show that will be filling the 8/7c timeslot this summer. The Great American Road Trip is like a family edition of Road Rules, although I’m assuming it will have a lot less drinking and sex. Premieres July 7th.


FOX – More House repeats, paired with summer series Mental, which appears to be a watered down version of Dr. House working in a looney bin. Early reviews are terrible, but I recorded it tonight anyway. The premiere episode will re-air this Friday, May 29th if you want to check it out. Mental is filling the 9/8c slot through June 23rd. Then on July 21st at 8/7c we will be treated with the sixth season of Hell’s Kitchen. I can tell you for sure that I won’t be watching at 9/8c on July 28th when More to Love premieres–simply put, it’s The Bachelor for the hyper-obese set.


FXRescue Me started its fifth season in April, and it continues at 10/9c through September 8th. You can catch up on Hulu if you’ve been missing out. And believe me, it’s worth the catch up to see some great guest appearances by Michael J. Fox.


Science – New series Science of the Movies premiered tonight and will be filling the 9/8c position. It appears to be a fun behind-the-scenes look at how some of our favorite films are made. Don’t fret if you missed the premiere though–like everything else on the Discovery family of networks, it will be repeated a dozen or so times this week.


SyFy – As much as I loathe SciFi’s new marketing scheme, the have good chance at keeping me entertained on Tuesdays at 9/8c based on the trailer for Warehouse 13. Premiering July 7th, the show looks like a less depressing version of Sanctuary, this time set in a secret government warehouse full of supernatural goodies that reminds me of the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


I’ll be back tomorrow with Part 3 of the preview–head’s up though, ABC is premiering Wipeout and new animated show The Goode Family tomorrow night, so set your DVRs.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Finale

Well, I could have been more wrong about the outcome of Hell’s Kitchen, but not by much. My dark horse Colleen cracked under pressure and got axed just a handful of episodes in, and neither of my frontrunner picks even made the final three. On the bright side, Colleen’s cooking classes are booked solid.

Oh well, there’s always next season, which starts on Tuesday, July 21st.

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Fringe Episode 17: Bad Dreams

After an ill-timed hiatus and a so-so return episode last week, Fringe is back on the tracks with this week’s Bad Dreams.

No need for a full recap here, though if you’re looking for that I would recommend a trip to for everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about the show.  Plus cool posts like this clip of The Observer at a Yankees game.

Overall, I think this was a return to the kind of episode that got me hooked on Fringe to begin with.  We had a real life-and-death mystery that was directly related to Olivia, and while we got some answers by the end of the episode, we were ultimately left wanting to know more.  The same thing happened with Walter this week–We got to see Walter get way too excited about the prospect of seeing Pippin on Broadway, and we also learned that he was directly involved with the experiments that were done on Olivia (Olive) as a child.

I understand that FOX decided to bench their best new show for two months so they could give us two hours of American Idol on Tuesdays, but I think it was a mistake.  I mean, at what point do you start to reduce the amount of time devoted to your flagging juggernaut in favor of an up and coming show with more promise than anything you’ve premiered since House in 2004?  At this point, I hope FOX doesn’t make a big mistake and cancel the show.  We’ll find out for sure when they host their upfronts on May 18, and I’m optimistic considering the list of shows with worse ratings that have already been renewed at FOX (Hell’s Kitchen, Family Guy, The Simpsons) and other networks (Heroes, Private Practice, The Office).  

Either way, I’m not too worried. If the show is cancelled, I think J.J. Abrams will find another way to reveal the truth of The Pattern to the fans.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 1: 16 Chefs Compete

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a Ramsayholic.

They say the first step is admitting the problem.  That said, I must be a hopeless addict because I really don’t think it’s a problem.  Hell’s Kitchen has become my favorite hour of schadenfreude on television.  I’m hooked on the feeling that comes with watching Chef Ramsay tear down these self-important assholes who call themselves great chefs.

Here come the spoilers, so if you missed the premiere, you can watch the streaming video here.

I really enjoyed how they got right into the cooking of the signature dishes this season instead of wasting time meeting the contestants.  We’ll learn all we need to about them soon enough.  Based on the signature dishes and the first night of service, it looks like the front runners are Carol and Ben.

The most deluded contestant by far is Lacey.  Not only does she think making steam pans full of generic gruel for Sodexho makes her an experienced chef, but she apparently thinks she’s attractive.  She actually said that a lot of people will probably see her and say, “Here’s another pretty girl trying to be a cook.” I’ve got news for you Lacey, most of the viewers are more likely to say, “Here’s another sea cow with no skills who fell ass-backwards into a spot in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.”  Admittedly, I’m not a fit guy, but then you don’t here me talking about how good looking I am.

My pick for a dark horse contestant? Despite her huge mistake with the sugar in the risotto, keep an eye on Colleen.  Gordon loves to try to break people down, but he often picks on the people he sees the most potential in.  If she can put up with Chef’s shit without quitting or making another major mistake, she may very well find herself at the Borgata with $250,000 in her pocket.

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