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Sci-Fi Masters of the Naughts

Stephanie Fox at always gives us some of the best nerd charts on the internet, and I really enjoyed deciphering this one. While I may not agree with the rating given to Peter Jackson’s King Kong, I must admit that the chart is mostly very accurate, and certainly a lot of fun to look at. Don’t be too intimidated by the multitude of crossing lines though, because Lauren Davis also provides a narrative version with full details.

Full Article at

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September SciFi Nerd Calendar Up at

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but all sci-fi lovers should head to at the beginning of each month when they release their latest Science Fiction calendar. The calendar includes books, dvds, movies, television shows, comics, author signings and conventions taking place during the month.

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Ziggy Says There’s a 99% Chance a Quantum Leap Reboot Would Suck

Both io9 and TVSquad have reported about the possibility of a SyFy reboot of classic series Quantum Leap. For a moment, I was really excited about the idea, but once I finished reading the headlines I quickly came back down to Earth.

When I was 9 years old, I was taking my second year of piano lessons, and I made my mother race home each week because I didn’t want to miss a second of my favorite new show, Quantum Leap. As a young geek, the idea of time travel immediately captivated my imagination, perhaps in part because I wasn’t old enough to consider the paradoxical implications of the show’s plot (and plot holes).

My memories of the show’s five seasons aren’t crystal clear, but I distinctly remember the satisfaction and relief that came each week when Sam got things right and made his next leap. I also remember the laughter that immediately followed when that leap put him in another crazy situation. As I look back at the series, I realize that I enjoyed it so much because I didn’t take it too seriously.

Sam & Al’s adventures took place in a world before the Internet and the hyper-critical fanboys that came with it. Donald Bellisario was hot off the eight season run of Magnum, P.I. when he created Quantum Leap in 1989. Despite his previous experience in sci-fi with the original Battlestar Galactica, Bellisario never bothered to give much of an explanation of the science behind Sam Beckett’s journey. If SyFy is going to reboot the show, it would definitely need a stronger base in science if they don’t want it to be immediately eviscerated on the message boards. Unfortunately, I think that would take away a lot of the show’s charm. Come to think of it, maybe Quantum Leap was really more fantasy than sci-fi.

Bellisario created a unique show that was consistently entertaining through its full 96 episode run, but television has changed in the 20 years since Quantum Leap premiered. I’m not saying it would be impossible for a reboot to be great, but not every series can be fortunate enough to get a reincarnation as good as BSG. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person who leaps in to take the Executive Producer role for this project. Oh boy, indeed.

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Get ready for Lost Season 5

Once again, I’m not cool enough to get screeners before the shows air, so I’m stuck waiting for the Lost Season 5 premiere just like everyone else.  Now that I’ve re-watched some key episodes from the first four seasons this weekend, I’m fully prepared for the new season to air.  Here are the episodes I checked out to get ready for the new season:

Season 1 – Pilot (2 parts), Exodus (3 parts, season finale)

Season 2 – The Other 48 Days, What Kate Did, Lockdown, ?, Live Together Die Alone (2 parts, season finale)

Season 3 – Through the Looking Glass (2 parts, season finale)

Season 4 – The Constant, The Shape of Things to Come, There’s No Place Like Home (3 parts, season finale)

If you still need some Lost chatter to fill the hours between now and Wednesday night, here are a few good stories (with little or no spoilers) to check out.

Talking about Lost – Great commentary about living as a Lostie.

10 Questions we hope get answered in Season 5 – (only spoilers if you aren’t through season 4)

TV Squad’s Season 5 Early Look (limited spoiler info at the end of the article)

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A brilliant argument for BSG and Blade Runner haters

Josh Wimmer over at io9 just posted this great argument for why Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner are both ridiculous.  I don’t agree with his decision to stop watching BSG, but his argument does make a good point.

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