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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 8: Pupil

Zoey from Nurse Jackie

I don’t have a lot to say about Nurse Jackie at this point. I really like some of the characters, especially MoMo and Zoey. This week, Zoey had her best episode so far with her little Nancy Drew routine. My real problem is that I don’t like Jackie. The key to any great show is that viewers can get behind the lead character, and I just can’t feel compassion for a woman who seems to think she deserves to lead dual lives while maintaining a serious drug habit and acting like she runs the whole hospital.

When Nurse Jackie premiered I had high hopes that Edie Falco would be a fresh female Greg House. Instead, she’s more like a bitchy Tommy Gavin.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episodes 2 and 3: Sweet ‘n All, Chicken Soup

The awesome premiere episode of Nurse Jackie got my hopes up. The quick renewal by Showtime got those hopes even higher, since presumably they’ve seen pretty much all of the first season at this point. After two more episodes, those hopes haven’t been completely dashed, but I’ve definitely come back down to Earth.

Episode two had a few high points (Akalitus on Percoset), although I think the Fruity Pebbles sex would have been funnier if Jackie’s husband had some cereal stuck to his back when they were done. I also thought the “Zoey bakes when she can’t sleep” plot line was way too similar to a certain doctor/cancer patient at Seattle Grace.

The third episode bored me so much that I only took three lines of notes, compared to about a page for most shows. In fact, at this point, I can’t even remember why I wrote “cat scrotum” on the page.

It would be hard for any show to live up to a debut like Nurse Jackie had. They certainly couldn’t top the ear-flushing antics every single week. Although disappointed by the sort of hum-drum plots of episodes two and three, I’m also a little bit (a very little bit) pleased that they didn’t go immediately down the road of absurd antics that would obviously get any real nurse fired. I’ll keep watching, although I don’t think I’ll be feeling compelled to write about it on a weekly basis.

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