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Worst Week Episode 15: The Epidural

I haven’t written about Worst Week since the pilot episode, so I’m a bit overdue on this follow-up.  At the time, I mentioned how great the dark humor and no laugh track was, and I wished that the clumsiness wouldn’t get old after a few episodes.  After 15 episodes, I can safely say my wish has come true.  In fact, the writers have done a great job getting the whole family in on the action.

Another comment I made before was the similarity of the premise to Meet the Parents.  Thankfully, the show has differentiated itself very well in only half a season.  While the physical comedy gets me laughing out loud, I’m more impressed with the very real back-and-forth that occurs between both Sam and Mel and Dick and Angela.  Both relationships show us the kind of genuine connection that’s missing from other shows.  I see a lot of the same interaction on the show that I have with my wife: awkwardness around the in-laws; having a few laughs at each other’s expense; teaming up to solve problems; and in the end a bond that survives whatever crazy shit you can dream up.


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Worst Week – Pilot

While the premise is straight out of Meet the Parents, Worst Week is definitely something new.  As a hater of the laugh track, I am thrilled every time a new comedy decides to go without one.  Between that and the very dark humor they went with in the pilot, I think this could be a very good show.  My main concern is that the “I’m a bumbling idiot around my girlfriend’s parents” setup could get old very quickly.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t.

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