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House Season 6 Episode 3: The Tyrant


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House has posed many intriguing questions during the last five years, and this week’s episode was no exception. Making the doctors question the meaning of “Do No Harm” is exactly the kind of moral dilemma that I’d like to see more shows attempt to tackle. I’m sure the haters out there have simply dismissed the African dictator plot as extremely contrived, but I cannot agree. Other shows are too weak-willed and mainstream to even acknowledge the horrible acts that are committed in countries that most Americans can’t point out on a map. Instead of picking an easier storyline, House went so far as to cast massive star James Earl Jones as the dictator in question. With Boston Legal off the air, it’s great to see another show choosing subject matter that makes viewers think.

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Are you watching Castle?

My bias against new shows that premiere in the spring is not something I try to hide, but after watching the first six episodes of Castle last weekend, it may be something I need to change.

I put Castle on my first grid last fall because the premise sounded like a lot of fun. I was disappointed when the show was pushed back to spring, since that usually means the network has written it off. Based on the amount of promotion ABC is doing, it looks like support is not an issue.

We’ve seen the copycat serial killer bit before, but having the author stick around is something new. Nathan Fillion is perfect as the smartass, handsome, and slightly slimy Richard Castle–bestselling author, single dad, and ladies’ man. As much as I think Fillion is perfect for the role, I think Stana Katic is even better suited for her hard-ass detective, Kate Beckett. Katic has had many small roles on television and in film, but she performs like a seasoned veteran. Relative newcomer Molly Quinn is also excellent as Castle’s daughter Alexis, a sort of conscience/reality check for Castle’s impulsive nature.

The great news I just saw is that Michael Ausiello has upgraded Castle from “could go either way” to “a safe bet” on his Fall TV Cheat Sheet. I highly recommend getting on board with this one, and you can catch up at ABC’s website since they aren’t fully connected to Hulu yet.

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Friday Night Lights Picked Up for 26 More Episodes

Good news for fans of Friday Night Lights–Michael Ausiello with Entertainment Weekly says we should be getting an announcement any day now (link followers beware spoilers on other shows) about a deal for two more 13 episode seasons, following the same model as the current season.  I guess Universal is enjoying that sweet DirecTV cash.  

The bad news is that it sounds like Lyla and Tyra won’t be around for long.  However, after the excellent sendoff that we saw for Smash and Street this year, I feel good that the girls will at least get to go out in style.

UPDATE: It’s official, here’s the press release.

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