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Banished: Secret Girlfriend

I have discovered the Comedy Central version of karma. For every Chapelle’s Show, there must be a Mind of Mencia.

Unfortunately for the creators of Secret Girlfriend, they are on the Mencia end of that equation. The only reason I put this show on my grid to begin with is because I was going to be recording South Park anyway, so I might as well check out the new show after it. Apparently the first-person POV is supposed to be entertaining, but then I suppose the makers of the Doom movie thought that too.

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Tosh.0 Episode 5

Another funny episode of Tosh.0 aired last night, and I’m compelled to write about it because this is the kind of hilarious original content that Comedy Central should be making more of. “Is it Racist?“, Asians doing Christopher Walken impressions, Chris Crocker (the ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ kid), and forcing the audience to watch Two Girls One Cup all in the same episode? Great television. And as I mentioned back in May, it saves me from wasting my own time trying to sift through the garbage on YouTube to find the hidden gems. Keep up the good work Tosh & Crew. As for Comedy Central, renew the show! For fuck’s sake, how many seasons did you give Carlos Mencia?

UPDATE – In case you were wondering what the answer is, Mind of Mencia was on for four seasons and a total of 45 episodes.

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Important Things with Demetri Martin Renewed

In their smartest decision since killing Mind of Mencia, Comedy Central announced this morning that Important Things with Demetri Martin has been renewed for a second season. No word yet on how many episodes the new season will be, but I’m hoping it’s many more than the seven produced for season one. We’ll have to be patient though, the second season won’t premiere until 2010.

Perhaps this will tide you over.

Even the press release is funny. You can read it here.

UPDATE – Variety reports the season two order is for 10 episodes.

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