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Food Network’s Sandra Lee is a Dirty Girl

Sandra Lee and her meat.

Sandra Lee and her meat.

My wife and I have been watching Sandra Lee’s new show, Money Saving Meals, on Food Network since it premiered last month. We had two episodes on the DVR tonight, and while we were watching them, I noticed something strange.

Sandra Lee is all about the sexual innuendo.

As a fat guy who loves television, it’s not hard to imagine that I watch a lot of Food Network. I point that out, because I’ve never noticed this on other shows on the channel. Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but come on, even the music on her new show sounds like the soundtrack to a porno.

Am I reading too much into this? Do I have a secret crush on Sandra Lee? Have I missed the double entendres on every other cooking show? Let me know in the comments.

I leave you with two episodes’ worth of double-meanings.

“Take your top off”

“Most amazing filling”

“Now here is a nice huge piece of meat.”

“You want to put it here, fatty side up.”

“You can have them on your table at any time you want.”

“That’s gonna go on top of our tacos.”

“Be careful when you take it out of here, it’s a little bit of work.”

“So your guests can see that all they have to do is take their fork, get in there and enjoy themselves.”

“That meat is absolutely amazing.”

“Each guest gets two tacos.”

“I also have my oven pre-heated.”

“You’ve got to clean it though. If you don’t, it’s going to be the hottest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth.”

“There’s a couple things you can put in here.”

“Get those off.”

“Those are still in here, so we need to get those out.”

“And that is just about an inch and a half.”

“Four to six minutes, it is fast.”

And my personal favorite:

“The perfect amount of head”

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