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Saturday Night Live: Drew Barrymore

Just three weeks in and it’s safe to say this won’t be the year SNL breaks out of its latest slump. Almost all of the sketches were totally forgettable and unfunny. Even the digital short was just okay.

The only high points in this week’s episode were Kenan Thompson’s Maya Angelou; Barrymore’s boyfriend Justin Long doing his spot-on Matthew McConaughey impression; and the Ladies Billiards sketch.

Also, if Fred Armisen is going to keep doing Obama this much, his impression really needs to improve.

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Healthcare Reform Be Damned – Glee Airs Tonight on FOX As Scheduled

copyright 2009 FOX Network

copyright 2009 FOX Network

Whatever was going to air on the big three networks tonight has been bumped for President Obama’s healthcare speech, but those lovable renegades over at FOX will air the season premieres of So You Think You Can Dance and Glee as scheduled. I don’t care about Dance, but I’ve been looking forward to Glee ever since they showed us the pilot back in May. Glee airs at 9/8c.

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House Season 5 Episode 20: Simple Explanation

I was all set to write a pretty standard post about this week’s House until about 8 minutes into the episode.


Holy shit Kutner is dead!  This took me completely by surprise.  Perhaps I need to start paying attention to the teasers for next week’s episode.

As an aside, the White House announced today that Kal Penn has accepted a position with the Obama Administration, so the departure was definitely his idea.

I wanted to believe it when House started talking murder instead of suicide, but when the very next scene included Meatloaf’s wife trying to kill herself, I saw a classic House patient/doctor parallel, and realized that Kutner definitely pulled the trigger on his own.  Later in the episode, Cuddy pulls it together nicely by pointing out that House doesn’t want to believe it was a suicide since Kutner shared so many of House’s character traits.

I think it’s a shame for Meatloaf that he ended up in this episode since the Kutner story completely overshadowed the actual case at hand.  When I look back at this episode, I’m probably more likely to remember the little drunk pageant girl than Meatloaf.

Near the end of the episode, when Taub actually grew a pair and confronted the patients, I was excited.  I thought we might see a new Taub from now on.  Then it all melted away as soon as he was alone, and we got to watch him cry like a baby as the episode ended.  However, before he wilted like a little girl, Taub did deliver the best line of the night, and he bitchslapped House in the process.  As House was obsessing about Kutner’s “murder”, he asks Taub what doesn’t seem right about it, and Taub’s response is, “A man who only pursues the rational, suddenly pursuing the irrational.”  That called out the theme of this episode–watching House, who always strives to cut emotion out of the case, allow emotion to rule his own analysis of Kutner’s death.  I guess Greg House is human after all.

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