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Lost Season 5 Episode 13: Some Like It Hoth

As much as we have learned about the Oceanic passengers, Desmond, and some of the Others (Ben & Juliet) over five seasons, we still haven’t learned much at all about the Freighties – Penelope, Faraday, and Miles.  I understand they’ve only been with us for about one season now, but I think we all know that they must be pivotal in the endgame that is starting to unfold.  At least if we didn’t know before tonight, we know now.

The episode opens with a woman looking at a mediocre apartment, who we quickly find out is Miles’ mother.  She assures the potential landlord that he is a well-behaved young man, then gives Miles money for the candy machine.  Not surprisingly, young Miles ends up in another apartment with a corpse instead of a candy bar.  The scene ends with Young Miles shouting at his mother, “I can hear him!” so now we know that this is an ability Miles has had since childhood.  

Cut to ’77 and Miles is working in the security office when Sawyer calls and asks him to erase the pylon security tape to cover up for him and Kate.  Miles is about to pull the tape when Horace arrives with a mysterious black bag that he needs delivered to Radzinski at Grid 334.  Horace tells Miles that he’s bringing him into the circle of trust since Lafleur is MIA.  Miles goes to Grid 334 and Radzinski greets him by aiming a rifle at him and asking why Lafleur didn’t come–Miles says, “Horace sent me instead, I’m in the circle of trust.”  Personally, I don’t know how anyone could say this line without cracking up.  I really feel like ‘circle of trust’ is a comedic phrase for all time thanks to Meet the Parents.  At any rate, Radzinski takes the mysterious black bag, unfolds it, unzips it, and two Dharma workers bring out a body to fill it.  Dirty hippie Radzinski won’t say what happened or why it looks like the guy was shot, but we all know Miles can just use his powers to find out anyway.

Back to the mainland and teenage Miles is visiting his dying mother.  He wants to know more about his father and she tells Miles that he is dead.

In Dharmaville, Miles gets orders from Horace to take the body to Dr. Chang at The Orchid.  When Miles goes back to the van, he finds Hurley loading coolers into the back with the body.  Oddly, Hurley doesn’t notice the body and just tells Miles he wants to carpool, adding that maybe they could prevent global warming since it hasn’t happened yet.  I have to say that while it seems a bit out of place at times, I really love the comic relief that the Miles-Hurley conversations have been adding lately.  It’s also nice to see the writer’s providing a bit of fan service with some of the topics they have been discussing, like time travel paradoxes and now Star Wars.

Kate comes back to the infirmary and lets Juliet know that they left Young Ben with The Others.  She barely gets this out when Roger comes in and sees the empty bed.  He starts freaking out, as you would expect, and Juliet is immediately apologetic and emotional, swearing that she only stepped out for 10 minutes and when she came back he was gone!  As soon as Roger leaves though, Juliet’s emotion vanishes.  She simply looks at Kate and says, “Well, here we go.”

We rejoin Miles and Hurley on the way to The Orchid, and Hurley accuses Miles of farting in the van.  He has Miles pull over so he can check the food, and then discovers the body.  Miles explains that the guy was working in a hole when a filling ripped out of his tooth and exited his head through his brain.  Hurley starts asking about Miles’ power, and then tells Miles that his secret is safe because he also talks to dead people.

Off island, grown-up Miles is selling his ‘service’ to a grieving father.  When the father explains there is no body, Miles demands more money to contact his son, then tells the father what he wants to hear.  As he leaves, Miles is approached in the street by a pre-stabbed-in-the-back-by-Locke Naomi, who invites him to a restaurant to discuss a possible job.

In ’77, Kate tries to ease Roger’s fears, and only succeeds in arousing his suspicion.  Hurley and Miles are finishing their dead people conversation as the approach The Orchid–Miles tells Hurley you can’t have a conversation with the dead and Hurley says, “you’re just jealous because my power is better than yours.”  If we believe that Miles has a legitimate ability, then perhaps this confirms that Hurley is not talking to the dead after all.  Does this mean Hurley really is hallucinating, or just that the island is giving him visions?  It wouldn’t be the first time, since it previously showed him Jacob’s cabin.  After their conversation, Hurley and Miles arrive at The Orchid, where Dr. Chang chastises Miles for bringing someone along, then threatens Hurley with polar bear shit detail on The Hydra island.  Dr. Chang also indicates that the experiments on the other island are absurd, which tells me they must have nothing to do with his own work.  I noticed that Miles wouldn’t make eye contact with Dr. Chang during this scene, but before I could finish my thought, Miles was telling Hurley that Dr. Chang is actually his father.  

2004 Miles and Naomi arrive at what she call ‘his audition’.  Miles quickly explains that the dead guy was delivering something to Widmore, then references photos of empty graves and a purchase order for an old airplane.  Naomi is impressed and offers Miles $1.6 million to join the expedition to an island to capture ‘a murderer’.  At least now we know why Miles asked Ben for such a weird amount in order to look the other way.

Janitor Jack is cleaning at the Dharma school when Roger appears and asks if Jack knows anything about Kate.  Jack let’s Roger know that Kate would never hurt his son (at least not in 1977) and basically tells Roger he should sleep of his drunken haze before thinking about reporting anything to Horace.  Back in the van with Hurley, Dr. Chang, and Miles, and Hugo is asking Chang a bunch of questions, mainly to mess with Miles.  Just as Hurley is suggesting they all have a beer together sometime, Chang tells Miles to stop the van.  He gets out and opens a camouflaged gate, revealing the construction site for The Swan.  When Miles and Hurley are about to leave, they spot to workers putting a serial number on the door of the hatch.  Miles is intrigued when Hurley correctly guesses the final number (42) on the hatch.  When Miles asks how he knew, Hurley says it’s because that’s the hatch that crashed our plane.

2004 Miles is enjoying a fish taco when he gets grabbed by some guys in a black van.  They try to get him to skip to freighter job, and also ask if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue.  Miles doesn’t know, and try to get him to come with them so he can find out the answers to all his questions.  Miles says he will if they double his money and they just drop him off instead.  When Miles asks what team they’re on, they respond, “The one that’s gonna win.”

On their way back to Dharmaville in ’77, Hurley tells Miles that there will be an accident at the hatch and they’ll have to install a computer with a button you push to keep it from happening again.  This leads to the big confrontation where Miles reveals what Hurley has been scribbling in a composition book for the entire episode–it turns out to be a screenplay for Empire Strikes Back, which Hurley thinks he can send to George Lucas to provide some help, and perhaps a few edits.  At Casa de Lafleur, Sawyer returns to find Jack waiting to fill him in on the Roger/Kate situation.  Sawyer thanks him and after Jack leaves, Security Phil appears with the pylon video tape.  The idiot comes inside and tells Sawyer that he hasn’t informed Horace yet, so Phil gets cold-cocked.

2004 Miles returns to the grieving father and gives him a refund, telling him that he should have told his son he loved him before he died if he needed him to know.  This sets up the cutback to ’77 where Hurley tells Miles that he should give his dad a second chance.  Hurley compares Miles to Luke Skywalker, and why it would have worked out better if he hadn’t freaked out when Vader broke the paternal news to him.  This leads us to my bet for what must be Jorge Garcia’s favorite line of the series, “Let’s face it, ewoks suck dude.”  After receiving this bit of wisdom, Miles walks away and looks in the window of the Chang house to see his father reading a story (about polar bears) to his infant self.  Miles is getting teary-eyed when we see Dr. Chang get a call and come outside.  He asks Miles to come with him to pickup some scientists who have just arrived from Ann Arbor on the submarine.  Once they arrive at the dock, Miles goes down to the sub and find himself face to face with Dr. Daniel Faraday, who offers, “Hey Miles, long time no see.” LOST

This was definitely a critical episode that gave us some excellent back story on Miles and Dr. Chang, and also gave us more information about The Swan.  What I’m most excited about it that it disproves completely the theory that Sun was the infant child in the Chang house.  I never believed the theory that a person could not exist twice in the same time, since Locke/Sawyer/Juliet/Sun had been hopping through several points where they already existed.  I’m glad to see this definitively proven tonight.  My theory is that the landing points in time for the Ajira passengers are based on their role in the endgame–in other words, which side they will end up on.  I thought at first that it could be the Widmore vs. Linus war, but I think we’re going to see Richard Alpert’s group vs. Everyone Else.  One thing is for sure, next week we aren’t going to see anything new, but it looks like we should have a great Faraday-centric episode to blow our minds in two weeks.


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Lost Season 5 Episode 8: LaFleur

I cannot believe the way this season of Lost keeps defying the law of averages.  I keep waiting for the episode that is a huge let down after so many great weeks in season five.  I’m beginning to wonder if that let down is going to happen before the series ends next year.

Let’s start with a SPOILER-heavy recap:

We begin at site of The Orchid with Sawyer holding one end of Locke’s rope with the other end stuck in solid ground.  While Locke is underground talking to Christian Shephard, the gang up topside have just enough time to spot a giant (four toed!) statue in the distance before Locke turns the wheel and the grand finale flash makes everything all better.  I felt the shockwave of a nationwide geekout as all the Losties got momentarily excited about a possible explanation of the infamous four-toed statue ruins.

Next stop on the mystery-solving train?  That’s right, Polar Bears.  Three years after the final flash, we meet some Dharma security comic relief who managed to answer one of the longest running questions on the series.  Apparently, Dharma has some caged polar bears, which I can only presume are learning how to get a fish biscuit instead of an electric shock.

No polar bears on the loose, but we were treated to Horace the drunken hippie, blowing shit up near the sonic fence.  Quick!  Somebody call LaFleur!  That’s right, our favorite bullshit artist Sawyer has not only convinced Dharma his name is Jim LaFleur, but they even made him Head of Security!  And just for laughs, Miles is now Enis the security guy.  I guess Dharma didn’t have a jumpsuit that said “Mr. I Can Talk to Dead People”.

So we meet pregnant Amy and for a moment I thought we would find out that Baby Charlotte was in her belly.  Alas, once she goes into labor and Juliet saves the day, we discover it’s actually a boy.  No name yet, so your guess is as good as mine.  On a positive note, Juliet managed a C-section without killing the mother or the baby!  And apparently she can also fix a VW Bus!

Going back three years to the moments following the final flash, the gang finds Daniel alone, blubbering to himself about how he’s “not going to talk to her”, which means nothing to the rest of the group.  Daniel explains that Charlotte died and then disappeared during the final flash.  Apparently the dead don’t get to flash through time.  Next we come across Amy and her husband Paul, two Dharma people who are being attacked by two Hostiles.  Paul gets killed and Amy appears on the verge of being taken prisoner when heroic Sawyer and Juliet kill the Hostiles.  Amy freaks out about the “truce” and insists they bury the bodies of the Hostiles and take Paul’s body with them.  She then fools our heroes into getting knocked out by the sonic fence.

Sawyer awakes in the Dharma game room with Horace, and then spins some of the sweetest bullshit I’ve heard in five seasons.  He says he was the captain of a salvage ship looking for a slave ship called the Black Rock.  Well played sir.  Horace believes it, but still says they have to take the morning sub back to civilization because they aren’t Dharma material.  Just before Sawyer meets up with the rest of the group, Daniel explains that “the record isn’t skipping anymore, but they aren’t on the song they want to be on.”  This revelation is immediately following by Toddler Charlotte running through the scene and in the process melting Daniel’s brain.

Sawyer returns, an alarm sounds, and the Dharma defense plan kicks in–everyone run inside and hide!  A lone figure walks into the Dharma camp and plants a torch in the lawn.  It’s Richard Alpert, and he looks pissed.  I can’t recall ever seeing this kind of emotion on Alpert’s face.  Apparently he is really angry about the truce being broken.  Sawyer convinces Horace to let him go talk to Richard.  The brain melting continues as Sawyer proceeds to go toe-to-toe with Alpert and drop some serious knowledge about the H-Bomb and a disappearing John Locke.   Sawyer makes a deal to tell Richard where the bodies are buried and give him Paul’s body.  This earns the gang two extra weeks before Horace plans to make them leave.  In a tender scene, Sawyer convinces Juliet to stick around for the two weeks so he can count on someone to “have his back”.  Apparently Dharma has the same definition of two weeks as the contractors in The Money Pit, considering that turned into three years.

Three years later, Sawyer is living and sleeping with Juliet, who now says she loves him.  We then see Sawyer with a hungover Horace, working hard to convince Horace (and himself) that three years is plenty of time to get over a lost love.  Predictably, this scene is immediately followed by Sawyer getting a call from Jin, causing him to leave the bed he’s sharing with a naked Juliet to be reunited with Hurley, Jack, and his long lost Freckles–Kate.

Excuse the lengthy recap, but this was one hell of an episode.  As you can see, there is just no way this episode could be considered a let down.  I was flying high as we ended on the reunion with three of the Oceanic Six, and at the same time I was wondering where (and when) the rest of the group is at.  But just when I thought we’d never get another letdown from Lost, it happened–as the credits rolled the announcer told us we have to wait two weeks for the next new episode.


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